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Welcome. Our mission here is to provide reliable aircon service in Singapore for everyone. We seek to give our customers an affordable & professional aircon servicing & AC water leaking repair service that is always affordable, and available. 

Our aircon technicians are trained specially to ensure that all of our customer’s aircon needs are met and that they are satisfied. Our technicians place special emphasis on details and timeliness in all types of aircon repair and cleaning services.

Our Google Reviews

They expertly installed our split-type airconditioner with ease. They did quick work of it. I'm very happy with their service.
Maxwell Cheong
Maxwell Cheong
09:16 11 Jan 19
Aircon is not cold especially on hot day. Done an overhaul chemical wash do the trick. Thanks for the right recommendatio
mok wh
mok wh
12:09 22 Feb 19
Satisfied with their services. Price to top up gas seems high but sound reasonable after found out my aircon leaks all the gas!
Thiagarajah Ravi
Thiagarajah Ravi
14:19 28 Feb 19
Mother needed an installation job for the AC that she bought. Contacted coolbest and the installation was scheduled right away. My mother is enjoying her time with her new AC now. Thanks!
izzah bakhri
izzah bakhri
13:08 03 Jan 19
The overhaul job needed for my AC was delivered by their expert technicians. I didn't even have to worry at all.
glivia lai
glivia lai
10:53 04 Jan 19
Our small shop has been looking for a go-to aircon cleaner since we opened almost a year ago. We are glad we stumbled on Coolbest Aircon website. They are legit, and the service provided was superb! They are now our go to guys for any problems with our HVAC.
liyana latif
liyana latif
14:24 16 Mar 19
Coolbest Aircon is indeed one of the best aircon specialists in town. We always call them when we need regular aircon cleaning in our apartment, and have recommended them to our neighbors, as well.
Clarisa Tan
Clarisa Tan
11:43 25 Jul 19
Aircon contractor you can trust! The technicians that installed our aircon are so detailed oriented and even cared to explain to us some of what they were doing.
Mark Birkett
Mark Birkett
07:38 26 Jul 19
Highly technical skilled and professional team of aircon specialists. You pay for more with the services that they offer.
Missy Yeoh
Missy Yeoh
07:32 27 Jul 19
Coolbest Aircon handles all aircon types, and can also be relied on when it comes to more complicated aircon jobs like chemical wash and overhaul. You can book these services conveniently through their website.
TH Nano
TH Nano
14:00 24 Nov 19
It was a relief to be able to book for services like aircon maintenance online. I was able to set an appointment with Coolbest while I was outside the country for work, and had the scheduled visit in time for my arrival. Easy to coordinate with, and of course pro services.
03:39 26 Nov 19
I'm so glad I found this aircon cleaning service in Singapore! They were able to clean my aircons quickly and efficiently, and my apartment is now much cooler. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs their aircons cleaned!
Broadway Chee
Broadway Chee
06:22 27 Mar 22
Got my AC overhaul with Coolbest. The AC is working like new now!!!
Ammy Chang
Ammy Chang
02:21 28 Jun 21
Staff is friendly and keep our place clean after servicing. Recommended!
Brian Wrigley
Brian Wrigley
04:48 26 May 21
Complete normal servicing. So far so good.
03:13 04 May 21
My air conditioning system was not working properly. I called Coolbest AC the same day and they sent a technician to my house first thing in the morning. The tech showed up with all the right tools and parts necessary for the job. They also done a complete aircon chemical wash. He had my system up and running again within 2 hours!
Rossie Goh
Rossie Goh
02:25 31 Jul 21
Great professional team! They handled all our 5 AC units with care, without hassle on our part.
Anastasia Hern
Anastasia Hern
00:20 16 Aug 20

One-Stop Aircon Service Singapore Center

As a professional aircon servicing Singapore contractor, we offers a full range of services for your AC units so that you can keep your home comfort constant at all times. Here are what we do:

General Servicing

vacuum aircon evaporator coil

General aircon servicing involves thoroughly cleaning the aircon unit, including the air filter, fan coils, condenser coils, and evaporator coils. We will also check for any leaks or damage on it. If any repairs are needed, they will be carried out.

Aircon chemical washing

Spray water on evaporator coil after apply chemical

Aircon chemical washing is a type of deep cleaning process that removes all dirt, grime, and bacteria from your air conditioning. This cleaning is typically done by a professional company and should be done yearly.

Aircon gas top-up

technician recharge aircon gas

If your air conditioner is not cooling correctly, it may need a gas top-up. This type of service involves adding more refrigerant to your air conditioner so that it can cool properly.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

dismanle evaporator-coil cleaning using chemical

An aircon chemical overhaul prccess is a more intensive type of air-conditioning servicing that involves dismantling parts, using chemicals to clean bacteria inside air conditioners and filters. This type of servicing is typically done when the air con has not been serviced for a long time or if it is particularly dirty.

Aircon Repair

repairing outdoor AC condenser unit

If your air con is not working correctly, you may need to call a professional for aircon repairs. Our qualified aircon technicians will be able to diagnose and solve all your aircon problems. Common aircon problems include water leaks, strange noises, aircon compressor issues, gas leaking, and electrical problems.

Aircon installation

technician installing aircon pipe

If you want to install a new air con unit in your home, you will need to hire a professional for an aircon installation. A qualified technician can properly install your new aircon system and ensure it is working correctly.

Whom We Serve

technician cleaning aircon outdoor unit

Residential Aircon Services

This service is designed for homeowners needing assistance with their air conditioners. Residential air conditioning services can help homeowners with various tasks, including installation, repair, and aircon maintenance.

Commercial Aircon Service

We have an exceptional team that provides ducted aircon servicing for businesses and organizations with employees or customers in a fixed indoor space. This can include retail stores, restaurants, schools, and other facilities.

Office Air Conditioning Servicing

We provide aircon servicing for office workers in a single building or campus. This can include providing a designated area for air-conditioning maintenance and repairs and offering services to multiple buildings on the same property.

We service all types of air con units including ceiling cassette, VRV/VRF, and wall-mounted AC. We also specialize in servicing all type of brands including, mitsubishi, panasonic and  daikin aircon. Our mission is to make sure everyone will be completely comfortable with the air quality at cheap prices.

100 Satisfaction Guarantee
90 day satisfaction guarantee

Why Select Us

Here is why we are one of the best aircon servicing Singapore company. Find more customer reviews here.

  • 18 years of experience
  • A fully licensed company
  • Professional workmanship
  • Top-Notch customer services
  • We served more than 100 happy customers every month.
  • 90 days workmanship warranty

One-Time Aircon Cleaning Prices - 2022

Number of AC Units


1 Unit Fan Coil

SGD 50

2 Unit Fan Coils

SGD 55

3 Unit Fan Coils

SGD 70

4 Unit Fan Coils

SGD 85

5 Unit Fan Coils

SGD 100

6 Unit Fan Coils

SGD 115

Contact Us Today

Accidents can happen at any time and you shouldn’t have to wait to get them fixed.

We have a same or next day fast emergency aircon servicing Singapore & repair service to help you in all of your times of need.

For help with any air conditioner issues & servicing, call Coolbest Aircon Servicing Singapore company for the excellent service available. 

5 Benefits of Air Conditioners Servicing in Singapore

Here are five benefits of aircon servicing that will make you want to pick up the phone and booking us today!

1. Extends the lifespan of your aircon units

Like any other home appliance, your air conditioner has a lifespan. However, with regular servicing, you can extend that lifespan significantly. Servicing cleans out all the dirt and grime built up over time, ensuring that it doesn't have to work overtime to stay cool. In addition, servicing can identify potential issues early on before they cause irreversible damage to your AC unit.

2. Saves you money in the long run

For the second reason, many people put off servicing their aircon units because they think it is unnecessary. However, they don't realize that not servicing their ACs will cost them more money in the long run. A well-maintained air con unit is more energy-efficient, meaning your electricity bills will be lower. In addition, catching potential problems early on will save you the hassle and a lot of amount of money to replace your entire AC systems down the line.

3. Ensures that your air conditioner is always running at peak performance

Just like your car needs a tune-up now and then, so does your air conditioner. Servicing ensures that all the AC unit parts are clean and working correctly, so you'll always have cool air when you need it most.

4. Keeps you and your family safe

An old or poorly maintained air conditioner can pose a safety hazard to you and your family if it isn't functioning correctly. Regular servicing will identify potential safety issues and ensure that they're taken care of before anyone gets hurt.

5. Helps prevent health problems

Did you know that poor indoor air quality can lead to health problems? If there's dust or mold build-up in your air conditioner, it can cause respiratory problems for everyone in the family - especially if someone already has asthma or allergies. By having your AC unit serviced regularly, you can rest assured knowing that the air in your home is clean and healthy for everyone to breathe. 

Key Takeaways

There are plenty of good reasons to get your air conditioner serviced regularly. It will not only extend your AC unit's lifespan but also save money, keep you cool during Singapore's hot weather, and protect your family's health. So what are you waiting for? Book an service appointment today!

About Air Conditioner Services in Singapore

The weather is Singapore can reach intolerable heights when the temperature rises greatly in the summer and air becomes muggy. It’s not really weather that allows you to live comfortably with your windows and doors open, so having an air conditioning unit is a must.

In the year end, it doesn’t usually drop below 22 degrees Celsius but it’s still nice to have a heater to keep your home nice and cozy. These two devices are essential to have a comfortable domestic life, which is why it’s so unfortunate when one of them malfunctions.

No one should have to deal with feeling uncomfortable in their own home. Luckily, Coolbest Aircon servicing company is here to help locals with any issue they may be facing with their air conditioner unit.

Whether your home is just too hot or is unbearably cold, we can be there in a rush to quickly and efficiently air conditioning repair & service your aircon issues.

Our certified technicians will diagnose the aircon issue in no time and recommends solutions that both work and are energy efficiency.

If you know that your air conditioner is reaching the end of its life, we can help you put in the best replacement. We’ll help you install a new high-quality replacement air con that fits all of your needs with our aircon installation service.

Our technician recognize that the air quality inside your home is extremely important, and you deserve for it to be clean and fresh at all times. All aircon washing services remove all traces of dander, pollen, dust, mildew, microbes, and other irritants with ease.

By attending to your every need, we connect with our clients and build a relationship with them so that they know we look at them more than just clients and are dedicated to providing them with the best air conditioning service.

We encourage you to phone call our customer service with any comments, feedback, or questions about your aircon servicing. 

Quick Guidelines

1. What are the costs of air con servicing in Singapore?

The costs of aircon servicing in Singapore can vary depending on the service provider and the number of units. However, the typical pricing range starts from $30 per unit (minimum 2 units).

2. How often should you service your air conditioner?

It is generally recommended to service your air conditioner every 3 to 6 months, depending on the model and usage. However, it is advisable to service your air conditioner more frequently for heavy usage units or those located in dusty areas.

3. What does aircon servicing include?

A typical aircon servicing includes cleaning the evaporator and cooling fan coil, checking and cleaning the drainage pipe and pan, and a general inspection of the unit. The service provider may also offer additional services such as chemical overhaul, an intensive cleaning services that help remove tough dirt and grime buildup.

4. How long does aircon servicing take?

Aircon servicing usually takes around 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of units and the extent of the servicing required. However, if you need a chemical overhaul, it may take additional time.

5. Is there a warranty for air con servicing?

Most aircon service companies in Singapore offer a service warranty for their services. This means that if there are any problems with your unit after the service, you can contact the aircon service company to have them rectified. For us, we provide 90 days workmanship warranty. However, note that the warranty may not cover all types of issues, so it is essential to check with the service provider before making a purchase.

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➡️How is regular aircon maintenance advantageous to me?

Getting a regular maintenance schedule for your air-conditioner means that you'll be benefitting from cooler homes, reduced risk for leaks, and lower energy consumption. It also significantly extends the service life of your AC.

➡️Why do air-conditioners require a chemical wash or chemical cleaning?

Chemical cleaning helps to clean your air-conditioner thoroughly. There are times when the regular cleaning service won't be enough because of the hard, accumulated dirt and materials in your AC. Using chemical cleaning agents to clean every individual component should be done.

➡️What is the latest promotion?

Our promotion change from time to time. Please visit the promotion page to find out more. Click ➡️ here.

➡️What signs should I look out for before calling for repairs?

An air-conditioner that's operating with an unusual noice or emitting a bad smell should be checked out right away. You should also monitor its ability to control temperature, or if it's blowing warm air, or you electricity bill rising despite no change in usage of the air-conditioner.