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 November 27, 2017

By  Cool Man

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the two theme parks in Asia and one of the four parks in the world that is under the Universal Studios Hollywood company. This is a very popular chain of amusement parks visited by thousands of people every day and millions annually.

In Singapore, Universal Studios is on the man-made island of Sentosa which is one of the many attractions on the island. Guests use their famous board walk from Vivo Mall which is near the southern coast of this island country to get to Sentosa. People also get there via car, monorail, cable car, on a bus, even on a small ferry.

Once you get to Sentosa you won’t be able to miss Universal Studios because you can easily see the world-renowned Universal Globe rotating outside. This is a unique landmark for every Universal theme park, featured in several movies.

There are usually long lines that walk-in guests must endure when they get to the entrance of the park. Some opt to buy tickets online or their authorized ticketing outlet where they can avail discounts. There are also special tickets for events, ride packages, and other unique perks. Normal ticket prices start at 68 SGD and can go up to more than a hundred Singapore dollars for the special tickets.

Once you get in the theme park you will immediately feel the festive atmosphere. When you look to the right you’ll get the feel of old Hollywood and further to the same direction you’ll get to have glimpse of broadway through their New York themed section.

Going around the park, you’ll be able to see several themed rides from popular movie franchises under Universal studios. Transformers-themed and the Mummy-themed rides are two that regularly have long queues which can take a couple of hours to finally get in.

There are also sections for kids where they can experience rides and entertainment with a movie theme like Shrek or Madagascar. A 3-D experience, dancing mascots, and adventure rides can be experienced in this section.

Diners inside the park serve local cuisine, Malaysian and Thai cuisine, and they also have a kid’s menu. It can accommodate hundreds of guests. It is the perfect place to stop to get a bite to eat after a long day of walking around and going on rides.

Universal Studios Singapore has it all in terms of entertainment thrilling rides, kid-friendly choices, close to real life themed decorations, and world class talents. It is a great place to spend a day with family and friends in the city.


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