IT’s about Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

 December 8, 2017

By  Cool Man

Get ready to be mesmerized by the giant trees and the spectacular play of lights in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay!

It has become one of Singapore’s icon and landmark for a reason – the Gardens by the Bay is both a showcase and a reminder of the country’s dedication to merge innovation and nature, in almost any development that they do. Once it was known for Singapore to brand itself as a Garden City, until years later, the country is now more aptly called as a city within the garden. True enough, the Gardens By the Bay alone is already 101 hectares huge, filled with massive and generous displays of colorful trees, flowers, and vines, among others. And like most of its top attractions, tourists will not have a hard time reaching the Garden because it is already conveniently connected to their MRT station.

Gardens by the Bay is also strategically located adjacent to the another renowned Singapore icon, the Marina Bay. Aside from the commonly known giant or supergroove trees, there are actually many more attractions within the garden, which may take at least half of your day and lots of calories off by touring each attraction. Among the must-see is the flower dome and the dragonfly and kingfisher lakes. The OCBC Skyway is also a must-experience when in the garden, to get closer to the super trees. Not for the weak of heart, the Skyway is 22 meters above the ground and spans 128 meter long, making it quite a long strong at the very heart of the colorful trees. If your schedule permits, make sure to do your Skywalk at 7:45 pm or 8:45 pm in order to add a light show to your already memorable experience. A stroll in the Skywalk will only cost SGD8.

If you are lucky, then you may even get to experience fireworks show while in the garden, and the best view would be in the supertree section, facing the Marina Bay Sands. This experience will certainly be one for the books. Since most of the attractions in Gardens by the Bay happens at night, it’s best to schedule your visit here during late afternoon, since some attractions will also look better with daylight. Towards the end of the tour, you can already enjoy the funky light show of the super groove trees, among others. Most attractions in the park closes at 9pm.


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