Singapore Philatelic Museum

 January 3, 2019

By  Cool Man

Philatelic materials are stamps and other postal materials that are studied for their history, collected to be preserved and appreciated. The Singapore Government has dedicated the Philatelic Museum to lead in the study of Philately, curate philatelic products from Singapore and other members of the Universal Postal Union.

The collection of philatelic materials inside the museum date back to as early as the 1830’s, the first stamp ever to be used in the country. Exhibitions are well-organized in colorful divisions that highlight materials coming from different eras.

The museum’s permanent exhibit showcases the world’s first stamp. Visitors can also see a collection of stamps used during the colonial era in the country as well as materials used after the Singapore became an independent city-state.
Aside from the stamps and postages, the museum has a full-operational posting box from the colonial era which they preserved for public use. A sub-post is also there where guests can purchase a stamp and send out letters. There is also an option to buy personalized stamps which they can attach to the letter they’re about to send.

For years, the Singapore Philatelic Museum also played host to special events and exhibits for their partner companies, museums, and other organizations. Special events are held during Chinese New Year and other special holidays.

Partnerships with ASEAN countries like Brunei has produced a collaborative exhibit showcasing the history of Brunei and Singapore called Abode of Peace & The Lion City: A Brunei-Singapore Exhibition which will run during the first quarter of 2019.

Themed exhibitions have also become very popular with the newest being the Anime X stamps and All About Dogs event. In 2017, the Philatelic Museum also a Harry Potter themed exhibit entitled “Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands at the Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM). Harry Potter stamps, movie memorabilia, dvd collections, other related materials/products were found during this event. Guests could also take pictures in front of movie backdrops showing popular scenes during the movie.

Educational programs are also held in the Philatelic Museum. School field trips regularly pass by the museum teaching kids about discoveries and lessons in the museum. There are also in-house tours for the public to learn about Philately.

You can visit the Singpaore Philatelic Museum in 23-B Coleman Street. Access to the museum is free for Permanent Residents and Singaporean citizens. Standards rates are at 6 SGD for kids and 8 SGD for adults. From 10 am to 7 pm every day, you can experience what the museum has to offer.


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