National Gallery in Singapore

 January 11, 2019

By  Cool Man

Dubbed as the Art and Soul of Southeast Asia, the National Gallery of Singapore is an institution built by the Singapore Government to oversee the country’s collection of modern art which is the largest in Southeast Asia.

The gallery has exhibits on display for years and there are exhibits for special events as well. These special events are in partnership with National Museums in other countries which allows the National Gallery to house other works of art.

It continues to be a top tourist destination in the country bagging awards for customer service, contribution to tourism, and being one of Singapore’s best attractions. Proof of these can be seen when visitors get to experience the venue. Few members from our team also visited this place.

A combination of 19th century impressionists and modern SEA art can be seen in the Century of Light exhibit. These works of art teach you the nuances of these two eras allowing everyone to see the beauty in it. Artists such as Juan Luna, Monet, and Renoir are featured in this section where people can get to see their masterpiece.

Siapa Nama Kamu is the exhibit that features only Singaporean art in the 19th century. This creates an appreciation to the artistry of local visual artists of the past. It shows the history of Singapore’s art scene helping introduce it to the younger generation.

People can also view the history of architecture that has gone past the gallery through the years. The designs and their works show the story of their time and it also chronicles how the structure of the National Gallery and architecture in Singapore has transformed throughout the years.

Visitors can also view preserved documents that show the country original constitution. This exhibit provides an in-depth view of the wisdom behind Singapore Law, the history of the country, and the struggles that it has gone through.

Tourists get to discover and learn when they visit the National Gallery. Families visit as a learning technique for the kids. Schools and communities also schedule regular field trips. It is also used as a resource center where significant publications in the country are displayed.

Gate opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm from Saturday to Thursday and 10 am to 9 pm during Fridays. Standards rates are 20 SGD and there are available concessions depending on what the customer wants. Learn more about the National Gallery in Singapore here.


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