East Coast Park in Singapore

 January 24, 2019

By  Cool Man

East Coast Park is a 15-kilometer stretch along the beach with many different attractions including recreational activities, sports, entertainment, and dining. It is the perfect outdoor spot where millions of tourists and locals using it every year.

On a normal day, you’ll be seeing groups of bikers, roller bladers, and joggers on the paved road along the beach. Those that want an adventure on the ocean can buy tickets for the water skiing and other water sports found near the beach.

Families can take picnics where they can stay under coconut trees to bond and play together. There are also chalets, Casuarinas, and Ketapangs where they can stay for longer to enjoy the whole experience by the beach.

The park even has a designated area for those who want to camp within the park. Campers need only secure a camping permit, so they can set-up on Area D and G. Requirements for the permit include Singapore address and Singapore ID.

There is a dedicated sand castle building area where you can enjoy the beach while building your own sand castle. Kids and adults build their sand castles along the play area in Area E to have fun on the sand and bond.

East Coast Park has a jetty along the shoreline where you can see fishing enthusiast’s set-up their rods and hooks to relax and maybe catch a fish for dinner. Those looking to fish here need to also learn simple fishing etiquette so that they can be one with the community.

Photographers love going to the park because there are so many possible subjects in the park that they can take pictures of. Aside from the great sunrise/sunset views, people interacting with each other or with nature are a favorite subject of photos especially since there are huge crowds that visit the park each day.

Dining along East Coast Park is also a popular activity. There are a lot of restaurants lined-up offering both local and international cuisine. Eating along the beach adds to the whole dining experience as well. Many caps off their day having dinner at one of the popular restaurants inside the park after spending their whole day at the beach.

East Coast Park is along East Coast Parkway and East Coast Park Service Road found in the southeastern part of Singapore. The diversity of lifestyle choices makes this park a must-experience destination when in Singapore. Our team often gather around here during the weekend.


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