Clark Quay, Singpaore

 February 1, 2019

By  Cool Man

Singapore is known for many things from remarkable architecture, modern facilities, and great urban development. As a part of building their modern city, the government initiated riverside development projects to build-up the waterways in the city. Coolbest Aircon has been servicing many clients in this area since 2012.

One such area, that has become a popular spot for locals and tourists is Clarke Quay. It was named after a British Governor named Arthur Clarke who initiated the Pangkor Treaty that made the area a center for trade.

Back in the day, it was the administrative and financial district of Singapore. You can also see remnants of old colonial-era shops and Chinese moor remnants in the structural design surrounding the area showing you a glimpse of its history.

Today, this part of the Singapore river is known for its active nightlife. There are many options for anyone who wants to dine, party, or just walk around. The old shops were turned into hip stores, fancy restaurants, and even nightclubs for the partying youth.

A tour of the Singapore river passed through Clarke Quay so tourists who want a full ride along the river can do so. There are interesting sights along the river which include the Clemenceau Bridge and Anderson Bridge. You can also see the popular Merlion and Esplanade when you take a cruise up the river before you end up in Clarke Quay.

For a fun experience, Clarke Quay has the G-Max Reverse Bungy which is a thrill ride for the adrenaline seekers. Three people get to hop on a bungy contraption that takes you up and down in the air at the length of the bungy. It is a safe ride with no accidents reported and the tickets are low as well making it even easier to have fun.

Visitors can also dine in the finest restaurants in Clarke Quay. There are all sorts of dining experiences that you can get from local dishes, western, fusion, and the popular riverside seafood dining. The ambience is created by dining alongside the river at night.

You can find Clarke Quay on River Valley Road in Singapore. Tourists can get there either via boat, car, or MRT. Its just a short walk away from other popular destinations like Raffles City and Boat Quay so you can get to visit several attractions along with Clarke Quay.

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