Art Science Museum in Singapore

 February 7, 2019

By  Cool Man

ArtScience Museum doesn’t just feature works of art and science, but it fuses these two elements to create a medium for storytelling for its visitors. It houses touring exhibits from The Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute, and furniture works of Herman Miller.

Displays inside the museum change regularly giving visitors varying events and exhibits for certain periods. The variety adds to the allure of the museum because it evolves to include certain themes on different periods during the year.

Art from The Streets is an exhibit that runs during the first half of the year. Top street artists from all over the world will be showcasing their work during this event. It also shows the history of this genre covering everything from its countercultural beginnings into become the modern art as we know today.

A world-renowned exhibit in the “Treasures of the natural works” is open until April of this year. The treasured works are discoveries that broke hallowed ground in science and other fields. They are handpicked from all the most important historical findings and will be the stars of the show.

The newly-opened future worlds is set to give visitors a hi-tech art experience. In collaboration with TeamLab from Japan, digital installations are brought to the museum that combines digital technology and art to create magic.

There is also the free exhibit entitle “Into the Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure” which provides an interactive experience with nature. This uses virtual technology that allows you to explore jungles, wildlife, and other habitats inside the museum.

This museum sits inside a beautifully-designed complex which incorporates the 10 fingers of Singapore’s welcoming hand. More international exhibitions had been featured and will be featured inside the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Tickets to the museum is available at the entrance at standard rates of 17 SGD for adults and 12 SGD for children and seniors. There are family packages, double access package, and all access package with varying rates.

You can find ArtScience Museum near Marina Bay Sands. Rewards members of Marina Bay Sands also receive special rates when they buy tickets to the museum. Tickets can also be bought online through their website.

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