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 February 21, 2019

By  Cool Man

Singapore is not just about modern technologies and colorful gardens and parks. For those who have an eye and passion for history, Fort Siloso in Sentosa, Singapore is for you. Sentosa has been known for its theme parks and interactive museums, but little do tourist know about this coastal fort, which was actually built way back in in the 19th century, but is still preserved up to this day. Here are some tips from us.

A visit to Fort Siloso will give readily give you three options to have a quick view of the entire fort. If you are more of the adventurous type, then you should definitely try the Fort Sliloso Skywalk, where you will be suspended as high as 11 storeys and get to see the entire fort from an elevated point of view. However, if you have fear of heights, then the Gun Trail and Heritage Trail will be your best bet. Whichever trail you choose though, you are sure to be taken back in time with the preserved structures in Fort Siloso, which has become one of the most precious memorabilia of Singapore back in the World War II. It pays tribute to all the men and women who protected Singapore from invaders from this very location.

Of course true to Singapore fashion, Fort Siloso now has its own share of interactive viewing. For instance, if you visit the Surrender Chambers, you will be both entertained and amazed by the play of light and sound effects used for an informative show on the Japanese Invasion leading to their surrender. There will be stories, clips, and sharing of messages for a complete experience.

Sentosa can be conveniently reached via MRT, stopping at the Harbourfront Station. From here, visitors may opt to ride a cable car, bus, or walk the foot bridge in getting to Sentosa proper where Fort Siloso is also located. The Fort Siloso is also a living proof that Singapore did not reach the progress that it is enjoying now without experiencing the challenges of war. It is also a reminder that it is truly possible to arise from a major national crisis and eventually turn everything into development opportunities. So next time you’re in Sentosa, make sure to drop a visit here prior to visiting the other more modern destinations around.

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