Singapore Introduces Water-based, Eco-Friendly Air Conditioners

 August 30, 2019

By  Cool Man

When it comes to household electric consumption, the air conditioning units have always been one of the primary culprits in incurring high electricity bill. According to the professional aircon service company, Singapore is no doubt a country where aircon is widely used, due to the weather conditions and the non-stop rise of industries here. Throughout the years though, several recommendations have been made to help household and offices save on their AC costs. Top aircon brands have also constantly innovated their products to be more energy-efficient.


In Singapore, one considered breakthrough in the line of energy-efficient air conditioners is a recently invented water-based air conditioning system, by the researchers in the National University of Singapore. This means that the AC is not powered by the usual chemical refrigerants, which has been long considered to be harmful to the environment.

The newly innovated aircon also gets rid of the mechanical compressors but is still able to cool down an area up to 18 degrees Celsius. One of the most significant advantages of the water-based air conditioner is that it has been tested to consume up to 40 per cent less than the usual electricity consumption of the traditional air conditioners. This alone also already guarantees significant carbon dioxide emission from air conditioners. According to a news report, this aircon also comes with a dehumidifier, which makes it ideal for small spaces. It is likewise portable so that it can be conveniently used for indoor and outdoor activities.

Currently, the research team is looking into a possible collaboration to expand the production of this type of air conditioning, but the future for eco-friendly AC systems is already starting to look bright for Singaporeans.

Other Ways to Use Aircon Responsibly

With eco-living becoming more mainstream in recent years, more and more people are also doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. However, apart from the more common solutions of reducing single-use plastic usage as well as consciously recycling, there are several aspects in our day to day lives that we are too used to, but are harming the environment, nonetheless.

Unfortunately, one of these lifestyle staples is using AC systems. With the humid weather of Singapore, aircon has definitely become a must. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that can alleviate the impact of aircon use on the environment, and most of these you can easily accomplish at home:

The key is to make sure the aircon does not work too hard, so it consumes less energy, plus it lasts longer. With this, proper aircon maintenance is key, including changing air filters regularly, as well as regular cleaning of the unit. Room set-up is also crucial in ensuring that longevity of the aircon. It is important that the rooms are properly sealed, so the AC unit does not need to work too hard to condition the air.

A common mistake in most houses is having too many cracks or opening around the house. As a result, it takes the aircon longer to achieve the desired temperature, which consequently means extra work. So, re-check your home or room and see where it is still possible to weatherproof it.


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