Trentios: A Proud Brand From Singapore Made From Strong R&D

 October 23, 2019

By  Cool Man

Dubbed “Aircon Nation,” it is not surprising any longer at just how many different air conditioning brands have been able to thrive in the country of Singapore. From the new players to famous international brands, it is never difficult selling aircon units to the people of Singapore.

However, just when you think you have seen everything that air conditioner needs to have, technological advances and trends have a tendency to create more preferences and demand when it comes to appliances. One that offers environmental soundness and energy efficiency.

This same demand is what has fueled the advance of Trentios Smart Air Conditioning. This proud Singapore homegrown brand was born from a thorough and effective research and development process. The brand today is known today for its complete commitment to making comfort widely accessible through its innovation and development.

Humble, Tough Beginnings

Although Trentios is a fairly new name, its humble beginnings actually can be tracked all the way back to 1998 when founder Joel Ho started to sell general appliances. Unfortunately, the venture did not prosper mainly due to the poor economy that prevailed at the time. However, since one of his strengths was sales, Joel moved on and started to sell air conditioners in a partnership he formed with Carrefour Singapore.

It was during that sales stint that Joe gradually started to discover the concepts that are behind Trentios today. Nonetheless, he was a very successful salesman for Carrefour. In the process, he also was able to speak to many clients and better understand what the aircon industry’s emerging needs were. A portable air conditioner was one of these needs.

That is a concept that appeals very easily to Singapore’s modern lifestyle, with most people needing to relocate from one residence to another. Having a portable aircon also lets the owners use it when and wherever necessary. That means they don’t need to spend to have separate air conditioners in their bedroom and living room. Trentios as originally called Trend Homes. However, after several efforts at rebranding, it became known as “Trentios,” both internationally and locally.

Building His Brand

Joes was not just innovating; he was developing smart appliances that had not been made before by any other aircon brands. He created digital heaters, which were much more adaptive to the prevailing temperature and user’s preferences. In addition, he introduced a 4-in-1 air conditioner that can work like a humidifier, fan, heater, and cooler. These early innovations all helped to solidify the Trentios name within the aircon industry, which was something Joel had always dreamed about. He revealed during an interview that aside from meeting consumer needs, that he wanted to create a proud Singapore brand that would be recognized by the rest of the world.

Trentios started to make connections with its ASEAN neighbors, including Thailand and Malaysia, by partnering with other established brands and commercial centers in these countries. The companies also made sure to comply with the specific product certifications in individual markets like Indonesia.

Soon, Trentios had become the well-known and respected name that it is now. Even after it established itself within the market, the brand has continued evolving and proving consumers with appliances that are designed for wellness, comfort, and convenience. For example, their portable aircon is equipped now with Green Air technology that purifies the air as it is cooling the room. The filtration technology eliminates nearly 100% of all of the airborne particles within the space, and therefore significantly improves indoor air quality. All of the models made by Trentios are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Trentios or Trend Homes has retained the very same principle that it started with – the priority is to always develop products that consumers will be able to greatly benefit from, and the profits will follow.

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