The Beginner’s Guide To Aircon Installation

 September 25, 2020

By  Cool Man

If you’re installing an aircon for the first time, you may have some questions. Will you be able to install your unit yourself, or will you need to work with professionals? Are there additional steps you’ll need to take when the unit is being installed? This beginner’s guide to aircon installation will provide you with the answers that you need.

Determine Whether You Need To Hire Professionals

If you’re installing a window or portable unit, you shouldn’t need any help. These units are designed to be simple to install, and typically, a single person can install one on their own. If you’re installing a different type of unit, however, it’s likely that you’ll need to work with contractors.

It’s important to ensure that your unit is correctly installed and that it is the appropriate size for your home. If there is an installation issue, it could impact the performance of your unit and could even shorten its lifespan.

Follow Instructions Closely

If you’re installing a unit that you can put in yourself, you may think that it isn’t necessary to look at the instructions. Although installing window and portable units is fairly intuitive, it’s still best to consult the instructions to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Read through the instructions before you start the installation process so that you can see exactly what you’ll need to do. Learn to find out where is the best location to place your aircon is crucial. Don’t be afraid to consult the instructions after the unit has been installed so that you can make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes.

Make Sure Your Unit Is Secure

You won’t want to take any risks when installing a window unit, particularly if the unit is being installed on the upper level of your home. You’ll need to make sure the window is suitable for an aircon. You may want to install brackets to keep the unit firmly in place.

If an aircon isn’t properly mounted, it could cause serious problems for you. If an accident occurs, damaging your unit isn’t the only risk you’ll be facing. It could also lead to a severe injury. It’s better to take additional precautions to prevent problems.

Find The Right Professional For The Job

If you’re going to need professional assistance, you’ll want to find a contractor that you can trust with this important job. You should look for experienced and credible professionals that have been installing aircons in your area for a long time. You’ll also want to look for a company that is fully accredited and insured.

Many aircon installation companies specialise in install certain types of units. For example, some companies primarily install central air systems, while other specialise in installing split systems. If you know what type of air conditioning system you want for your home, you’ll want to look for professionals that specialise in that area.

Ask For Recommendations

If you’re not sure who you should hire to install your aircon, you may want to reach out to people in your area and see if anyone can offer a recommendation. Someone you know and trust may be able to refer you to a dependable company.

You should be able to trust that the people you’ve hired to install your aircon will do excellent work. Asking for recommendations will help you to identify some of the best options available to you.

Learn More About Your Options

It’s smart to learn more about topics like energy efficiency and smart aircon systems before deciding on a unit. The energy efficiency of your unit will impact what it will cost to heat your property over time. Energy efficiency should be a priority for you.

Smart technology is available for many types of aircons. Even if you don’t invest in a smart HVAC system, you may be able to connect your unit to a smart remote control. Explore your options and make and informed decision before installing your new system.

Talk With Your Technician

It’s important to talk with the technician installing your new system so that you can select the best possible unit for your home. If your home is larger, you’ll need to make sure that the aircon you install is capable of providing enough cool air for the property. Your home will need to be measured before the unit is installed.

There are a number of other concerns you may want to bring up to your technician before the installation process begins. These include issues with noise, maintenance, and long-term expenses. Getting answers to these kinds of questions ahead of time could help you to avoid issues going forward.

Set A Schedule For Servicing

It’s important to start thinking about maintenance from the first day your unit is installed. After your unit is installed by a technician, you’ll want to set up a schedule for AC servicing with them. It’s typically recommended that an aircon is serviced annually.

If you take care of this now, it’s less likely that it will be forgotten about down the road. Proper maintenance could extend the lifespan of an aircon by years or more. Spending money on servicing could save you quite a bit of money down the road.

Provide Your Own Maintenance

While you should have your unit serviced by a professional, you should also provide regular maintenance. If your system includes an outdoor unit, you’ll want to take the time to clear away debris from that unit. You may want to have a fence installed around the unit to protect it and block out noise.

If dust starts to accumulate around your unit, you should take care of it using a vacuum attachment. Clean or replace your filter regularly so that the inside of your unit will remain clean.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’re far less likely to have issues with aircon installation. Whether you’re installing a unit yourself or are hiring technicians, you’ll want to make sure the process goes smoothly from start to finish. With proper installation and maintenance, you’ll be able to rely on your unit for many years to come.

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