Mitsubishi Electric Vs. Mitsubishi Heavy Comparison Review

 October 15, 2020

By  Cool Man

Mitsubishi is a very popular aircon brand in many countries across the world, including Singapore. This brand has produced a variety of different models that offer different features and performance.

Two of the most popular Mitsubishi aircon units include the Mitsubishi Electric and the Mitsubishi Heavy. Here is more information on each brand to help you make a more informed buying choice.


Both the Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy manufacture air-conditioning units. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is the mother or parent company that was initially established in 1870.

Mitsubishi Electric was founded later in 1920. It was once joined with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries before breaking away into a separate or individual company. From here, both companies have become rivals when it comes to market share, the products on offer, and the customer following or base that they have. Both companies produce reliable aircon products, but there are differences, and different customers are satisfied in different ways with each of these brands.

What You Need To Know About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

It may be known as the mother company, yet Mitsubishi Electric is one of its main competitors. Many customers are happy with the customer service and delivery of the Mitsubishi Heavy aircon systems. They produce reliable aircon units that last for a long time. These units also work well in larger spaces, which means you won’t have to worry about the size of your room or space that you plan to use the unit.

Features Of The Mitsubishi Heavy Aircon Units

There are many benefits and features linked with the Mitsubishi Heavy units. Below are some of the popular features:

  • Extensive Experience

This is among the top benefit of the MHI units. This company opened its doors for business all the way back in 1870, which means they have significant experience when it comes to delivering units of high-quality that are efficient and reliable. With this type of experience, the MHI units are developed taking the user into consideration.

  • Top Performing Compact Aircon Systems

The MHI units are manufactured with a lot less watt while delivering top results. For example, .75 non-inverter units work on only 760 watts. In comparison to other models that use 1,000 watts, the MHI units deliver the same performance. This will assist you with saving money on your electricity bills.

  • Cost-Effective

The MHI units are cost-effective, delivering top performance while helping you to reduce your utility costs. Non-inverter systems are known for a lower wattage rating, but they still operate the same as the units that have higher wattage ratings. This important feature allows users to save money on their electrical bills. Higher wattage products naturally consume a lot more energy when compared to lower wattage units.

  • Quiet Systems

The Mitsubishi Heavy units run quietly, which means you can expect a silent operation contributing to a good night’s sleep. All the models, regardless of size, work quietly without any strange or loud noises while the system operates.

  • The Cons

There are very few drawbacks when it comes to the Mitsubishi Heavy units. One complaint that has been made about these units has to do with the fan-coil arrangements. The MHI units come with fan coils that include heat exchangers, that have closely arranged individual fins.

These fins are very close to one another, which is one of the concerns for some users. The setup may appear attractive with closely arranged fins. Despite the fact that the arrangement has made the MHI units ideal coolers, they do have the potential to clog up with dust, grime, and dirt. Once these fins become clogged, they may affect how the unit performs. This can contribute to the unit eventually breaking down.

About Mitsubishi Electric

This is one of the other Mitsubishi brands well-known for developing super reliable and high-quality aircon systems. This brand offers highly advanced aircon systems. This company is also well-known for delivering durable and robust systems.

Features Of Mitsubishi Electric

  • Durable

The Mitsubishi Electric systems feature heat-exchanger fins that are separate from one another. The spaces between the fins allow heat and air to move through very quickly. The spaces between the fins mean that they get clogged a lot less frequently, making the unit a lot more durable. This also means that the fins won’t heat up as easily. In most cases, these units will last for a number of years.

  • Smart Technology

The Mitsubishi Electric offers a number of highly-advanced features. With such features, these units are easier to operate and manage. The wireless functionality allows for a way to remotely control the unit. There is also a feature that makes these units reliable enough to easily control cold and hot air in all rooms of all sizes.

  • Quiet Systems

These systems also run silently, which means they do not make the standard noises when they are in operation. This is one of the factors that make these units a top choice for most offices and homes. They run efficiently without producing loud or irritating noises.

  • User-Friendly

The Mitsubishi Electric systems are relatively easy to operate since these systems do not involve manual control. This enhances comfort for users since you can adjust your settings remotely.

  • The Cons

There are very few complaints or negative comments about these units. One of the complaints that do come up about these units is that they are costly due to the delivery and features that they offer. Some people have claimed that Mitsubishi Electric may not be the ideal choice to cool a room.

The differences between the Mitsubishi Heavy and the Mitsubishi Electric aircon units are going to depend on what you need. Many homeowners prefer the Mitsubishi Electric systems, while companies and business premises tend to choose the Mitsubishi Heavy. The choice comes down to what you require and where you plan to install the system. We suggest talking to an aircon installation and repair company for advice on which unit to choose for your home or business.

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