Professional and DIY Air Conditioner Service

 November 5, 2020

By  Cool Man

The modern air conditioner is a marvel of human ingenuity and has come a long way from the older models in use just a decade ago. Today commercial locations and homes are kept cool and comfortable in the hottest of climates. This allows for better relaxation and peace of mind in all aspects of life.

But, just like any other mechanical invention, the AC unit is not made to last forever and this can. If your air conditioner is not functioning optimally, there are many ways in which it can begin to malfunction. This can bring about a variety of issues including higher energy bills and health problems.

This is where timely servicing and troubleshooting can go a long way in preserving the functionality of your air conditioner and keeping energy costs at a decent low level.

There are two ways to approach this task and a proper balance between DIY servicing and Professional service and maintenance can keep you from spending on unnecessary service and keep your air conditioner functioning throughout its entire service life.

So, to keep you comfy and cool and keep your air conditioner functioning well for the lowest price possible, here is what you need to know about DIY VS Professional Air Conditioner service.

Simple DIY Air conditioner Service and Maintenance

  1. If the Power is Not On

When the power goes out, you should check the source of power before you call in the repair professionals. Often, a small disconnection can be the entire problem and only requires the smallest intervention to restore. Check the plug and circuit breakers. The plug could be loose or the circuit breakers disconnected.

If your Air Conditioner is connected to a power source that is also powering other appliances, it is easy to overload the circuits and this can cause the breakers to fall. Checking the circuit breakers and ensuring that your AC is properly powered is the easiest and most common solution to AC issues.

  1. Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly

If the air conditioner is on but there is no cool air coming from the vents. This could be something serious, but first, let’s look at all the possible simple solutions. One of the first is that the thermostat could be out of batteries. Thermostats work from battery power and if the batteries die, the thermostat can die with them.

An even similar solution could be checking that your AC unit is working on the right settings. Most of the modern air conditioners you will find on the market today have a wide range of settings that adjust their operations. The problem could be something as small as switching the function from “fan” back to “cool”. There are many AC units that can switch back and forth automatically.

  1. Change your filter

One of the most important aspects of AC maintenance is regularly keeping up with the changing and cleaning of the filters and vents. This task is the simplest and most straightforward procedure but if it is not addressed regularly the functionality on your AC can be greatly impacted. All ACs, but especially those used in busy and highly-trafficked areas, can become especially dusty and dirty as they are used.

As the airflow is slowed and affected, other issues can present themselves as well. Ice can begin to build up inside the AC and this can lead to low flow or air, increase moisture coming from the unit and mold problems as well. The good news is that all this can be avoided with proper cleaning every so often.

  1. Melt any ice

Ice forming in the AC unit is bad news. Ice can form for many reasons but one of the most common is dirty air filters. If you use your ac for long hours or even all day long, the problem with ice in the AC can be an even bigger threat. But it is also easily addressed. Once every so often you should defrost the ac unit (preferably once a week if the AC is getting a lot of use). Simply switch the function from “cool” to “fan”. Melting ice can produce water so make sure your AC drainage pipe is flowing smoothly.

  1. Give it a good cleaning

While regular professional care is essential, it also helps to provide your AC unit with a good DIY cleaning every so often. If your AC unit is operating in a highly dusty environment or in the middle of town, this will need to be done more frequently.

Begin by disconnecting the AC from the power and removing the filter and front grille from their place. Sometimes the vents themselves can be removed, washed and replaced. Be very gentle and cautious when cleaning. If you can reach inside and address the fan blades, this is also an important thing to clean. But, don’t force anything or it can lead to a bigger problem with bent fan blades.

Professional Air Conditioner Services

You will be able to significantly preserve the life of your air conditioner and postpone professional services by regularly cleaning and properly maintaining your Air Conditioner. Nevertheless, there will be a time when it is absolutely necessary to call in the professionals. If you see that your air conditioner is causing problems and you can’t figure out why a professional ac inspection can provide you with some important answers.

Here are some of the important advantages of calling in the professionals to service and maintain your Air Conditioner.

An Optimally Functioning A/C Unit

Air conditioners function better when they have been properly tuned and well-maintained. This means that hot summer nights will be just as cool as the first day you got the AC if you keep up with cleaning and servicing. It is important to take even the smallest signs of deterioration seriously and call in the professionals whenever you are able. You may think that the air conditioner is still running ok, but the small sounds, smells and signs of a broken AC will only continue to grow and can impact the functionality of the machine.

An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

An air conditioner that has small issues will not be functioning as well as it ought to be and this can lead to inefficient energy consumption. An air conditioner that is working against obstructed airflow or other mechanical malfunctions will be using more energy to accomplish less cooling power. This is not something that can be seen immediately. But soon you will find yourself paying out more cash on your energy expenses that you should be.

Low-Cost Repairs and AC Longevity

The best way to preserve any mechanical device will be through catching smaller problems before they escalate into bigger more serious issues. If a small part of your air conditioner begins to malfunction, it could begin to damage other parts as well. You will find it is much more cost-effective to remove and replace the smaller components before larger components are damaged. Furthermore, catching small problems in time will allow your air conditioner to last for much longer and not require costly maintenance.

Professional Air Conditioner Tuning and Maintenance

If your AC unit has not been inspected or maintained by professionals in many months, it is a good time to call in the professionals. You may think that your AC is working just fine and will have no problems. But, this doesn’t mean that your air conditioner is working well. Having a professional come over and provide a full inspection is the only way to know what is really happening.

A professional air conditioner service will include these important steps that will ensure the longevity of your AC unit.

1. Checking refrigerant levels

You can’t really tell from a glance when the refrigerant levels of your air conditioner will begin to run out. The more use your air conditioner gets, the faster the refrigerant gasses are used up. If the refrigerant gasses get low, the AC will not be running efficiently and this can cause problems.

2. Power Check

A professional AC maintenance official will be able to check the levels of power your AC is using to perform its function. If these are not on par with the descriptions provided by the manufacturers, it could be that your AC unit is suffering from inefficient function. If such discrepancies are found, your professional services will have the skills and know how to find the solutions. Often this could be a very small problem, but sometimes the solution will require expert attention.

3. Investigate strange noises and odors

An air conditioner in proper function will work smoothly without a complaint. You may think that it is normal for small noises, odors or other anomalies like leaking to occur, but these are signs that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Call in your professional air conditioner repair technicians at the first sign of disrepair. They will be able to apply their expert skills to solving the issue and restoring your air conditioner to proper functionality.

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