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Feb 21

About Fort Siloso in Singapore


Singapore is not just about modern technologies and colorful gardens and parks. For those who have an eye and passion for history, Fort Siloso in Sentosa, Singapore is for you. Sentosa has been known for its theme parks and interactive museums, but little do tourist know about this coastal fort, which was actually built way back in in the 19th century, but is still preserved up to this day. Here are some tips from us.

A visit to Fort Siloso will give readily give you three options to have a quick view of the entire fort. If you are more of the adventurous type, then you should definitely try the Fort Sliloso Skywalk, where you will be suspended as high as 11 storeys and get to see the entire fort from an elevated point of view. However, if you have fear of heights, then the Gun Trail and Heritage Trail will be your best bet. Whichever trail you choose though, you are sure to be taken back in time with the preserved structures in Fort Siloso, which has become one of the most precious memorabilia of Singapore back in the World War II. It pays tribute to all the men and women who protected Singapore from invaders from this very location.

Of course true to Singapore fashion, Fort Siloso now has its own share of interactive viewing. For instance, if you visit the Surrender Chambers, you will be both entertained and amazed by the play of light and sound effects used for an informative show on the Japanese Invasion leading to their surrender. There will be stories, clips, and sharing of messages for a complete experience.

Sentosa can be conveniently reached via MRT, stopping at the Harbourfront Station. From here, visitors may opt to ride a cable car, bus, or walk the foot bridge in getting to Sentosa proper where Fort Siloso is also located. The Fort Siloso is also a living proof that Singapore did not reach the progress that it is enjoying now without experiencing the challenges of war. It is also a reminder that it is truly possible to arise from a major national crisis and eventually turn everything into development opportunities. So next time you’re in Sentosa, make sure to drop a visit here prior to visiting the other more modern destinations around.

Discover the Changi Museum.

Feb 13

Changi Museum


The Changi Museum in Upper Changi Road was built to preserve and remember the history of Japanese occupation of Singapore during World War II. It is where the remaining news items and artifacts from the war are stored for the public to view. We visited this museum last week and here are some guides.

Several decades after the war a British intern during the Second World War went back to the museum to paint murals copying the ones that were on the walls of the Changi Prison Chapel when the museum was relocated in 2001. These murals are now found in the Changi Prison expansion showing how war prisoners coped with their situation and found a way to have hope despite being in a difficult situation.

Inside the museum, visitors can look at old photographs, art, and prison letters dating back to the Japanese occupation. Guided tours take about 45 minutes and visitors also have the option to get an audio tour which tells people about the experience of prisoners during this time.

Videos entitled Changi “Through The Eyes of Haxworth” and “Elizabeth Choy” are great entertainment productions with historical lessons. Changi University can also be found within the museum where researches are being done to continue learning about the period of war-ravaged Singapore.

Wartime records of civilians, literature, and books about this time in history can be read inside the museum and visitors can also view it online. Important events during World War II were documented where people can learn about it when they visit the museum.

It also serves as an educational institution and knowledge center for people looking to learn more about the difficulties during the war. Families of the soldiers can also look back on the memories to help with the emotional healing.

The exhibit targets young people so they can be educated of both the horror and heroism of the soldiers during the war. It also helps them appreciate the hardships that the country went through from 1942 and 1945 awakening a sense of nationalism as well.

Aside from the museum, Sunday services are also held at the chapel on Sunday. Guests can join the services. They can also visit the old Changi jail, Changi Village, Selarang Barracks, Changi Beach, and other attractions near the museum.

Unleash your artistic side at Art Science Museum in Singapore.

Feb 07

Art Science Museum in Singapore


ArtScience Museum doesn’t just feature works of art and science, but it fuses these two elements to create a medium for storytelling for its visitors. It houses touring exhibits from The Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute, and furniture works of Herman Miller.

Displays inside the museum change regularly giving visitors varying events and exhibits for certain periods. The variety adds to the allure of the museum because it evolves to include certain themes on different periods during the year.

Art from The Streets is an exhibit that runs during the first half of the year. Top street artists from all over the world will be showcasing their work during this event. It also shows the history of this genre covering everything from its countercultural beginnings into become the modern art as we know today.

A world-renowned exhibit in the “Treasures of the natural works” is open until April of this year. The treasured works are discoveries that broke hallowed ground in science and other fields. They are handpicked from all the most important historical findings and will be the stars of the show.

The newly-opened future worlds is set to give visitors a hi-tech art experience. In collaboration with TeamLab from Japan, digital installations are brought to the museum that combines digital technology and art to create magic.

There is also the free exhibit entitle “Into the Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure” which provides an interactive experience with nature. This uses virtual technology that allows you to explore jungles, wildlife, and other habitats inside the museum.

This museum sits inside a beautifully-designed complex which incorporates the 10 fingers of Singapore’s welcoming hand. More international exhibitions had been featured and will be featured inside the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Tickets to the museum is available at the entrance at standard rates of 17 SGD for adults and 12 SGD for children and seniors. There are family packages, double access package, and all access package with varying rates.

You can find ArtScience Museum near Marina Bay Sands. Rewards members of Marina Bay Sands also receive special rates when they buy tickets to the museum. Tickets can also be bought online through their website.

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Explore Clarke Quay Singapore.

Feb 01

Clark Quay, Singpaore


Singapore is known for many things from remarkable architecture, modern facilities, and great urban development. As a part of building their modern city, the government initiated riverside development projects to build-up the waterways in the city. Coolbest Aircon has been servicing many clients in this area since 2012.

One such area, that has become a popular spot for locals and tourists is Clarke Quay. It was named after a British Governor named Arthur Clarke who initiated the Pangkor Treaty that made the area a center for trade.

Back in the day, it was the administrative and financial district of Singapore. You can also see remnants of old colonial-era shops and Chinese moor remnants in the structural design surrounding the area showing you a glimpse of its history.

Today, this part of the Singapore river is known for its active nightlife. There are many options for anyone who wants to dine, party, or just walk around. The old shops were turned into hip stores, fancy restaurants, and even nightclubs for the partying youth.

A tour of the Singapore river passed through Clarke Quay so tourists who want a full ride along the river can do so. There are interesting sights along the river which include the Clemenceau Bridge and Anderson Bridge. You can also see the popular Merlion and Esplanade when you take a cruise up the river before you end up in Clarke Quay.

For a fun experience, Clarke Quay has the G-Max Reverse Bungy which is a thrill ride for the adrenaline seekers. Three people get to hop on a bungy contraption that takes you up and down in the air at the length of the bungy. It is a safe ride with no accidents reported and the tickets are low as well making it even easier to have fun.

Visitors can also dine in the finest restaurants in Clarke Quay. There are all sorts of dining experiences that you can get from local dishes, western, fusion, and the popular riverside seafood dining. The ambience is created by dining alongside the river at night.

You can find Clarke Quay on River Valley Road in Singapore. Tourists can get there either via boat, car, or MRT. Its just a short walk away from other popular destinations like Raffles City and Boat Quay so you can get to visit several attractions along with Clarke Quay.

Relaxing day at East Cost Park.

Jan 24

East Coast Park in Singapore


East Coast Park is a 15-kilometer stretch along the beach with many different attractions including recreational activities, sports, entertainment, and dining. It is the perfect outdoor spot where millions of tourists and locals using it every year.

On a normal day, you’ll be seeing groups of bikers, roller bladers, and joggers on the paved road along the beach. Those that want an adventure on the ocean can buy tickets for the water skiing and other water sports found near the beach.

Families can take picnics where they can stay under coconut trees to bond and play together. There are also chalets, Casuarinas, and Ketapangs where they can stay for longer to enjoy the whole experience by the beach.

The park even has a designated area for those who want to camp within the park. Campers need only secure a camping permit, so they can set-up on Area D and G. Requirements for the permit include Singapore address and Singapore ID.

There is a dedicated sand castle building area where you can enjoy the beach while building your own sand castle. Kids and adults build their sand castles along the play area in Area E to have fun on the sand and bond.

East Coast Park has a jetty along the shoreline where you can see fishing enthusiast’s set-up their rods and hooks to relax and maybe catch a fish for dinner. Those looking to fish here need to also learn simple fishing etiquette so that they can be one with the community.

Photographers love going to the park because there are so many possible subjects in the park that they can take pictures of. Aside from the great sunrise/sunset views, people interacting with each other or with nature are a favorite subject of photos especially since there are huge crowds that visit the park each day.

Dining along East Coast Park is also a popular activity. There are a lot of restaurants lined-up offering both local and international cuisine. Eating along the beach adds to the whole dining experience as well. Many caps off their day having dinner at one of the popular restaurants inside the park after spending their whole day at the beach.

East Coast Park is along East Coast Parkway and East Coast Park Service Road found in the southeastern part of Singapore. The diversity of lifestyle choices makes this park a must-experience destination when in Singapore. Our team often gather around here during the weekend.


Visit the National Gallery. 

Jan 11

National Gallery in Singapore


Dubbed as the Art and Soul of Southeast Asia, the National Gallery of Singapore is an institution built by the Singapore Government to oversee the country’s collection of modern art which is the largest in Southeast Asia.

The gallery has exhibits on display for years and there are exhibits for special events as well. These special events are in partnership with National Museums in other countries which allows the National Gallery to house other works of art.

It continues to be a top tourist destination in the country bagging awards for customer service, contribution to tourism, and being one of Singapore’s best attractions. Proof of these can be seen when visitors get to experience the venue. Few members from our team also visited this place.

A combination of 19th century impressionists and modern SEA art can be seen in the Century of Light exhibit. These works of art teach you the nuances of these two eras allowing everyone to see the beauty in it. Artists such as Juan Luna, Monet, and Renoir are featured in this section where people can get to see their masterpiece.

Siapa Nama Kamu is the exhibit that features only Singaporean art in the 19th century. This creates an appreciation to the artistry of local visual artists of the past. It shows the history of Singapore’s art scene helping introduce it to the younger generation.

People can also view the history of architecture that has gone past the gallery through the years. The designs and their works show the story of their time and it also chronicles how the structure of the National Gallery and architecture in Singapore has transformed throughout the years.

Visitors can also view preserved documents that show the country original constitution. This exhibit provides an in-depth view of the wisdom behind Singapore Law, the history of the country, and the struggles that it has gone through.

Tourists get to discover and learn when they visit the National Gallery. Families visit as a learning technique for the kids. Schools and communities also schedule regular field trips. It is also used as a resource center where significant publications in the country are displayed.

Gate opens at 10 am and closes at 7 pm from Saturday to Thursday and 10 am to 9 pm during Fridays. Standards rates are 20 SGD and there are available concessions depending on what the customer wants. Learn more about the National Gallery in Singapore here.


Stamps and more on Singapore Philatelic Museum.

Jan 03

Singapore Philatelic Museum


Philatelic materials are stamps and other postal materials that are studied for their history, collected to be preserved and appreciated. The Singapore Government has dedicated the Philatelic Museum to lead in the study of Philately, curate philatelic products from Singapore and other members of the Universal Postal Union.

The collection of philatelic materials inside the museum date back to as early as the 1830’s, the first stamp ever to be used in the country. Exhibitions are well-organized in colorful divisions that highlight materials coming from different eras.

The museum’s permanent exhibit showcases the world’s first stamp. Visitors can also see a collection of stamps used during the colonial era in the country as well as materials used after the Singapore became an independent city-state.
Aside from the stamps and postages, the museum has a full-operational posting box from the colonial era which they preserved for public use. A sub-post is also there where guests can purchase a stamp and send out letters. There is also an option to buy personalized stamps which they can attach to the letter they’re about to send.

For years, the Singapore Philatelic Museum also played host to special events and exhibits for their partner companies, museums, and other organizations. Special events are held during Chinese New Year and other special holidays.

Partnerships with ASEAN countries like Brunei has produced a collaborative exhibit showcasing the history of Brunei and Singapore called Abode of Peace & The Lion City: A Brunei-Singapore Exhibition which will run during the first quarter of 2019.

Themed exhibitions have also become very popular with the newest being the Anime X stamps and All About Dogs event. In 2017, the Philatelic Museum also a Harry Potter themed exhibit entitled “Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands at the Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM). Harry Potter stamps, movie memorabilia, dvd collections, other related materials/products were found during this event. Guests could also take pictures in front of movie backdrops showing popular scenes during the movie.

Educational programs are also held in the Philatelic Museum. School field trips regularly pass by the museum teaching kids about discoveries and lessons in the museum. There are also in-house tours for the public to learn about Philately.

You can visit the Singpaore Philatelic Museum in 23-B Coleman Street. Access to the museum is free for Permanent Residents and Singaporean citizens. Standards rates are at 6 SGD for kids and 8 SGD for adults. From 10 am to 7 pm every day, you can experience what the museum has to offer.


A fun day in Universal Studios Singapore.

Dec 22

Facts About The National Gallery Singapore


Going to the city streets of Singapore, you will surely enjoy the wonderful and amazing finds together with your family or friends. The country is known for its rich culture, heritage and above all, Singaporean’s relationship with other Asian countries.

The National Gallery Singapore is one of the best art galleries that you will love to visit since it consists of 8,000 artworks. The purpose of the National Gallery Singapore is to provide a deeper understanding of different visiting countries all over the world regarding the Asian culture and heritage. Through social media, it can reach out to many people.


It is situated in the Downtown Core of Singapore which is quite near to our office. As it is the largest world’s public Southeast Asian art gallery, it consists of a vast horizon of Singaporean art collection as well. The Gallery consists of its two national monuments which are the City Hall and the former Supreme Court building. If both floor areas are combined, this will make 64,000sqm. This is the reason why it became the largest visionary displays of an art museum in Singapore.

As they have carefully embellished and nurture the culture and arts scene of Singapore for over the last two decades, they have also become the global city of art displays. It has led many visitors due to the events brought about planned festivities such as the Singapore Art Show and Art festival. These events have helped the country’s tourism internationally.

Art Designs and Competition

Singapore as known for its biggest art museum has propelled many people to engage in this type of genre. Many artists participate in making it as a big event in the history of Asia. On the year 2007 of February, the Singapore Institute of Architects has greatly launched a competition to identify the best award-winning and suitable design and architect for the National Gallery.

The event comprises of a two-stage event wherein the first competition was all about concept and design proposals. The second stage, wherein all participating candidates create their design, and the winning design will be used for the Gallery.

The National Gallery

The gallery mainly consists of contemporary and modern arts. It focuses on the Southeast Asian and Singapore art from the time of the 19th century up to the present era. The collection started with only 93 pieces of artwork that are all originals and was dedicated to the museum in the year 1976. Over the years, its artwork grows slowly until such time that it reaches 8,000 displays of artwork in 2010.

Most of its featured works are done by one of the major Singaporean artists such as Liu Kang, Chen Wen Hsi, Chen Chong Swee and more. It also holds other Asian painters and artists such as Affandi from Indonesia and Fernando Cueto Amorsolo from the Philippines.

If you wish to travel to Singapore check out the National Gallery for you to see the different arts displayed by Asian painters and artist. It is also one way for you to get closer to knowing the culture and heritage of the Asian people.

Find out more about Garden By The Bay here.

Dec 08

IT’s about Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


Get ready to be mesmerized by the giant trees and the spectacular play of lights in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay!

It has become one of Singapore’s icon and landmark for a reason – the Gardens by the Bay is both a showcase and a reminder of the country’s dedication to merge innovation and nature, in almost any development that they do. Once it was known for Singapore to brand itself as a Garden City, until years later, the country is now more aptly called as a city within the garden. True enough, the Gardens By the Bay alone is already 101 hectares huge, filled with massive and generous displays of colorful trees, flowers, and vines, among others. And like most of its top attractions, tourists will not have a hard time reaching the Garden because it is already conveniently connected to their MRT station.

Gardens by the Bay is also strategically located adjacent to the another renowned Singapore icon, the Marina Bay. Aside from the commonly known giant or supergroove trees, there are actually many more attractions within the garden, which may take at least half of your day and lots of calories off by touring each attraction. Among the must-see is the flower dome and the dragonfly and kingfisher lakes. The OCBC Skyway is also a must-experience when in the garden, to get closer to the super trees. Not for the weak of heart, the Skyway is 22 meters above the ground and spans 128 meter long, making it quite a long strong at the very heart of the colorful trees. If your schedule permits, make sure to do your Skywalk at 7:45 pm or 8:45 pm in order to add a light show to your already memorable experience. A stroll in the Skywalk will only cost SGD8.

If you are lucky, then you may even get to experience fireworks show while in the garden, and the best view would be in the supertree section, facing the Marina Bay Sands. This experience will certainly be one for the books. Since most of the attractions in Gardens by the Bay happens at night, it’s best to schedule your visit here during late afternoon, since some attractions will also look better with daylight. Towards the end of the tour, you can already enjoy the funky light show of the super groove trees, among others. Most attractions in the park closes at 9pm.


Explore Fort Siloso.


Nov 27

City Places – Universal Studios Singapore


Universal Studios Singapore is one of the two theme parks in Asia and one of the four parks in the world that is under the Universal Studios Hollywood company. This is a very popular chain of amusement parks visited by thousands of people every day and millions annually.

In Singapore, Universal Studios is on the man-made island of Sentosa which is one of the many attractions on the island. Guests use their famous board walk from Vivo Mall which is near the southern coast of this island country to get to Sentosa. People also get there via car, monorail, cable car, on a bus, even on a small ferry.

Once you get to Sentosa you won’t be able to miss Universal Studios because you can easily see the world-renowned Universal Globe rotating outside. This is a unique landmark for every Universal theme park, featured in several movies.

There are usually long lines that walk-in guests must endure when they get to the entrance of the park. Some opt to buy tickets online or their authorized ticketing outlet where they can avail discounts. There are also special tickets for events, ride packages, and other unique perks. Normal ticket prices start at 68 SGD and can go up to more than a hundred Singapore dollars for the special tickets.

Once you get in the theme park you will immediately feel the festive atmosphere. When you look to the right you’ll get the feel of old Hollywood and further to the same direction you’ll get to have glimpse of broadway through their New York themed section.

Going around the park, you’ll be able to see several themed rides from popular movie franchises under Universal studios. Transformers-themed and the Mummy-themed rides are two that regularly have long queues which can take a couple of hours to finally get in.

There are also sections for kids where they can experience rides and entertainment with a movie theme like Shrek or Madagascar. A 3-D experience, dancing mascots, and adventure rides can be experienced in this section.

Diners inside the park serve local cuisine, Malaysian and Thai cuisine, and they also have a kid’s menu. It can accommodate hundreds of guests. It is the perfect place to stop to get a bite to eat after a long day of walking around and going on rides.

Universal Studios Singapore has it all in terms of entertainment thrilling rides, kid-friendly choices, close to real life themed decorations, and world class talents. It is a great place to spend a day with family and friends in the city.


Visit The National Gallery Singapore.