Why Aircon Leaking  Water or Dripping Water?

Learn the DIY Steps on How To Stop AC Leaking water.

Are You Having a Leaking Aircond?

Owners of air-conditioning units should watch out for leaks on their unit.

Units that have been damaged can be leaking water or gas. You need an expert aircon repair service if you’re faced with this kind of situation.

Leaks can be repaired by inspection of the air-conditioning unit and finding the part that was damaged or leaking. A repaired leak will help your unit get back to running more efficiently resulting in a more comfortable home or space.

You must be able to check your air-conditioner for leaks on your own. Search for the source of the leak by doing some initial checks. Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you find a leak to keep yourself from an even bigger headache in the future.

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Why Aircon Leak Water?

Leaking air-conditioners is a common problem being reported to aircon service contractor. There are small leaks and large leaks, and both need to be addressed to keep your AC functioning well. You also have an aircon water leak and a gas leak as well.

Drainage pans that are overflowing can be a source of a water leakage. Water is caught on the pan after it passes through the condenser. Your drainage pan might be brimming with water or there’s some damage on it. Trace the leaked water to the actual hole/damage on the drainage pan. There may be a small crack on it that can be easily patched up.

Clogged filters are a result of neglecting to replace or clean them regularly. A filter can function regularly for a month or two, but you still must check it once a month especially if you increase the usage of your AC during summertime. A dirty filter would need replacing because it will cause freezing inside the unit. When the ice melts, the water will drip out of the unit.

Aircon Leaking Water

Clogging can also happen in the condenser unit. Your air-conditioner produces condensates that will fill to the drainage pan or pass through the drainage pipe. Clogging inside the condenser will keep the water from getting drained properly and the catch pan will be filled with water. You need a clean condenser because you might have an AC that has an automatic switch that shuts down the unit if it detects a clogged condenser. The purpose of this switch is to keep the water from causing further damage to the air-conditioner. There are many ways to clean your condenser, but you need the help of a professional to do it properly.

What DIY Steps Can Be Used To Do Initial Checks?

Owners of air-conditioners must be responsible enough to check for problems in their air-conditioner. Detecting the source of leaking in their unit is easy enough that you can do it yourself if you follow these steps.

Checking for Water Leaks

Clogging in the filter and condenser is seen as a possible source of a water leak. Checking the individual parts should be a priority to see and clean them if needed. You can also have an improperly installed air-conditioner letting water flown out because it is in a bad position.

Detecting a leak in the condenser can be done by opening the unit and getting to the condenser unit inside. Once you get to the condenser unit, use a rolled-up paper towel on the coil and if you see large traces of water that might be a sign of damage and leaking on the condenser unit.

Call a Professional For a Leak Problem!

Our professional aircon technicians can detect leaks and provide solutions to your AC’s problem with leaks. No need to worry yourself about doing all the work. Hiring our technicians will assure you of quality repair and fixing your air-conditioner right away at an affordable AC service price. Calling a professional is the much simpler way of solving your problem of aircon leaking.

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➡️Why is there water leaking from the outside unit of my AC?

Condensation is the process of turning water vapor back to a liquid which is what happens inside an AC. The water it produces is channelled to the AC’s drainage system to be flushed out. Other than cleaning out the drainage pan when it accumulates water. There is nothing to worry about really. Find out more here.

➡️How is regular aircon servicing advantageous to me?

Getting a regular maintenance schedule for your air-conditioner means that you'll be benefitting from cooler homes, reduced risk for leaks, and lower energy consumption. It also significantly extends the service life of your AC.

➡️What is the latest aircon services promotion?

Our promotion change from time to time. Please visit the promotion page to find out more. Click ➡️ here.

➡️What signs should I look out for before calling for repairs?

An air-conditioner that's operating with an unusual noice or emitting a bad smell should be checked out right away. You should also monitor its ability to control temperature, or if it's blowing warm air, or you electricity bill rising despite no change in usage of the air-conditioner.