2022 Aircon Servicing Price & Promotion in Singapore

Best Aircon Service Package & Deals

Aircon Servicing Price & Deals

One-time Servicing Cost



1 Unit Fan Coil

SGD 50

2 Units Fan Coils

SGD 55

3 Units Fan Coils

SGD 70

4 Units Fan Coils

SGD 85

5 Units Fan Coils

SGD 100

6 Units Fan Coils

SGD 115

Yearly Contract Price


4 Times

1 Unit F.C.


2 Units F.C.

SGD 200

3 Units F.C.

SGD 240

4 Units F.C.

SGD 300

5 Units F.C.

SGD 360

6 Units F.C.

SGD 400

Price for Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Cleaning Type & Price

1 Non-Dismantle Chemical Cleaning

SGD 80 - SGD 100

1 Full-Dismantle Chemical Cleaning

SGD 130 - SGD 180

Price for Aircon Gas Top-up

Gas Type


R22 Gas

SGD 40 - SGD 80

R410 Gas

SGD 60 - SGD 150

Professional Aircon Service in Singapore
100 Satisfaction Service in Singapore
90 days workmanship warranty
They expertly installed our split-type airconditioner with ease. They did quick work of it. I'm very happy with their service.
Maxwell Cheong
Maxwell Cheong
09:16 11 Jan 19
Aircon is not cold especially on hot day. Done an overhaul chemical wash do the trick. Thanks for the right recommendatio
mok wh
mok wh
12:09 22 Feb 19
Satisfied with their services. Price to top up gas seems high but sound reasonable after found out my aircon leaks all the gas!
Thiagarajah Ravi
Thiagarajah Ravi
14:19 28 Feb 19
Mother needed an installation job for the AC that she bought. Contacted coolbest and the installation was scheduled right away. My mother is enjoying her time with her new AC now. Thanks!
izzah bakhri
izzah bakhri
13:08 03 Jan 19
The overhaul job needed for my AC was delivered by their expert technicians. I didn't even have to worry at all.
glivia lai
glivia lai
10:53 04 Jan 19
Our small shop has been looking for a go-to aircon cleaner since we opened almost a year ago. We are glad we stumbled on Coolbest Aircon website. They are legit, and the service provided was superb! They are now our go to guys for any problems with our HVAC.
liyana latif
liyana latif
14:24 16 Mar 19
Coolbest Aircon is indeed one of the best aircon specialists in town. We always call them when we need regular aircon cleaning in our apartment, and have recommended them to our neighbors, as well.
Clarisa Tan
Clarisa Tan
11:43 25 Jul 19
Aircon contractor you can trust! The technicians that installed our aircon are so detailed oriented and even cared to explain to us some of what they were doing.
Mark Birkett
Mark Birkett
07:38 26 Jul 19
Highly technical skilled and professional team of aircon specialists. You pay for more with the services that they offer.
Missy Yeoh
Missy Yeoh
07:32 27 Jul 19
Coolbest Aircon handles all aircon types, and can also be relied on when it comes to more complicated aircon jobs like chemical wash and overhaul. You can book these services conveniently through their website.
TH Nano
TH Nano
14:00 24 Nov 19
It was a relief to be able to book for services like aircon maintenance online. I was able to set an appointment with Coolbest while I was outside the country for work, and had the scheduled visit in time for my arrival. Easy to coordinate with, and of course pro services.
03:39 26 Nov 19
I'm so glad I found this aircon cleaning service in Singapore! They were able to clean my aircons quickly and efficiently, and my apartment is now much cooler. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs their aircons cleaned!
Broadway Chee
Broadway Chee
06:22 27 Mar 22
Got my AC overhaul with Coolbest. The AC is working like new now!!!
Ammy Chang
Ammy Chang
02:21 28 Jun 21
Staff is friendly and keep our place clean after servicing. Recommended!
Brian Wrigley
Brian Wrigley
04:48 26 May 21
Complete normal servicing. So far so good.
03:13 04 May 21
My air conditioning system was not working properly. I called Coolbest AC the same day and they sent a technician to my house first thing in the morning. The tech showed up with all the right tools and parts necessary for the job. They also done a complete aircon chemical wash. He had my system up and running again within 2 hours!
Rossie Goh
Rossie Goh
02:25 31 Jul 21

Our Aircon Service Price & Works

You will receive a full aircon servicing depending on what your unit needs. We will provide the best aircon servicing price in Singapore that match to the aircon service & repair work done by our technician. Rest assured that you will not be shortchanged in the service contract you enter with Coolbest Aircon Servicing. It will include aircon gas top up, chemical wash, air-con diagnosis, air conditioner maintenance services, aircon leaking water and aircon post-service inspection.

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Diagnosis & Repair Service

When our technicians work on you air-conditioner, a full diagnosis service shall be performed to check for possible problems. They can tell if there is clogging, broken cooling pipes, air vent damage, or a faulty compressor.

Our technician will recommend the possible aircon repair solutions & cost for the problem in your air conditioning unit after the diagnosis. This will include a host of services under the service contract that will help get rid of the cooling problem that your unit is experiencing.

Aircon Maintenance Service

A general cleaning method will be done to your unit which is part of the servicing contract of Coolbest Aircon Servicing. It will thoroughly clean the unit using our methods for cleaning out dust and other particles that are clogging your air-conditioner at an affordable pricing.

The unit’s drainage will also be flushed clean to prevent any build-up of materials inside the pipes. There will be no excess heating inside your air conditioner unit anymore which is caused by too much material trapped inside the machine.

Aircon Post-Service Inspection

Our technicians will also perform post-service inspections to make sure that we have performed the general cleaning and drain flushing service completely. It is our commitment to quality workmanship that pushes us to give out the best service to all our clients in Singapore.

Clients who are interested in our aircon servicing in Singapore can do so by availing of the servicing contract options that we have currently. There are flexible options & prices with proper scheduling throughout the year for servicing tasks.

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