​​​​Honeywell Air Cooler in Singapore – 5 Best Picks & Reviews in 2020

A hot summer in Singapore is normal, and homeowners struggle to keep their homes cool because it can get expensive. The traditional air-conditioning system consumes a ton of energy when they run for a long time.

With the advent of new technology and an increasing concern for the environment, comes the new air coolers from Honeywell.

These air coolers use evaporation technology to cool the warm summer air efficiently while minimising damaging effects to the environment.

Here we have five of their best products in the market:

1. Honeywell CL151 Air Cooler

Spot cooling is an energy-efficient way to cool homes and offices today. The CL151 efficiently delivers cool air using this simple technology to make your indoor environment more comfortable for both you and your guests.

Key features

  • 15 sq. m. cooling capacity
  • Low energy usage
  • 5-speed operation
  • Auto shutdown settings
  • Safety warranty

Cooling a room is easier with the new CL151. You can just place it in the room and with the user-friendly controls enjoy the cooling effect for your room. This is an excellent cooler with a quick and easy set-up, which is perfect for the hot summer.

Buy the new Honeywell CL151 today!

2. Honeywell TC30PEUI 30-Litre Air Cooler

Cooling a room will be much easier with the 30-Litre Honeywell Air Cooler. The eco-friendly technology helps cool your indoor environment without any hassle.

It functions by adequately cooling your home with great features such as the ones identified below.

  • Built-in Ionizers
  • Mobile unit
  • Oscillation distributes air evenly
  • 3-speed function

The cooling power of this device is going to efficiently cool your indoor space.

They have great customer service because they can assist you with any concerns. You will surely receive a product in good condition that you can rely on to cool your room every day.

Learn more about it here.

3. Honeywell CL30XC 30-litre Air Cooler

Modern design and technology is present in the Honeywell CL30XC. It is packed with useful features that will facilitate great air flow inside your home. Along with that, you have user-friendly controls that make it a great product.

Key features

  • LCD control panel
  • Auto shutdown timer
  • Oscillation function
  • Removable water tank

You have new technology in this new air cooler which is perfect for the modern homes in Singapore.

It is loaded with features that will effectively deliver quality airflow in any space. You’ll surely be happy with this purchase.

Find out more about it here.

4. Honeywell Air Cooler

Cooling the air inside of your house will be easier with the Honeywell Air Cooler. Continuous air cooling can be done with this device, and you can adjust the settings to suit what you prefer for your home’s indoor environment.

Key features:

  • 3-in-1 cooler, humidifier, and fan
  • User-friendly operation
  • Humidification control
  • Honeycomb cooling system
  • 1-year warranty

The ice water you place inside the Honeywell air cooler will be facilitated well with its great airflow system. You can operate it for 8 hours with a continuous water supply system. You have full control making it the perfect air cooler.

Check out the specs right here.

5. Honeywell ES800 Evaporative Air Cooler

Small cooling is all the rage today because it’s energy-efficient. The modern air conditioning technology with the evaporative air-cooling system of the Honeywell ES800 is perfect for any urban home or office.

  • Powerful 36W motor
  • 4-speed control
  • Auto shutdown timer

This product is now in stock, and you can really benefit from this new air cooler. It is a top-of-the-line product which facilitates great airflow indoors. A modern air-cooling package like this one is available to you right now.

Learn more about it here.

Should I get Honeywell Cooler?

Honeywell has clearly mastered the air cooler/evaporator cooler technology making it a reliable name in the market.

For maximum efficiency of your cooler, make sure that you pick one that matches the size of your room. This allows for faster cooling but less energy consumption

Here is our top pick from the list:

1 - Honeywell CL151 Air Cooler

2 - Honeywell TC30PEUI Air Cooler 30L

Air Cooler Buying Guide and FAQs

Do Air coolers really work❓

With the right match of its power to the size of your room and house, it definitely does! It can cool a limited amount of space, only, but it still definitely reduces humidity.

Which is better aircon or air cooler❓

Consider air cooler as a temporary relief from the hot weather. If you are looking for a longer cooling, in a larger space, then the air conditioner is the more practical choice.

Should I get Honeywell Cooler❓

Honeywell has clearly mastered the air cooler/evaporator cooler technology making it a reliable name in the market.