10 Best Air Purifiers in Singapore – Honest Review

Air purifiers are becoming more popular in various Singapore homes and apartments these days. Clearly, its benefits have easily outweighed its price, and more household is now appreciating the need for healthier indoor air quality.

While it can be tricky to find the best air purifier, one crucial consideration is only to consider brands in Singapore that has a good track record. Check out this comprehensive list of our recommended air purifiers so far:

1. SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier FP-J30E

Using the Plasmacluster technology, this air purifier suspense the microbes and viruses in the air, making it cleaner to breathe. It also removes airborne dust mites and odours around the room. Aside from the plasma cluster technology, it also utilises the Three-step dust collection system.

Key features:

  • Simple and compact design
  • Low power consumption and quiet operation (25dB)
  • When Sleep Mode is turned on, the fan automatically switches to low speed, and fan operation becomes quiet
  • Reduction of Static Electricity

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2. Xiaomi Air Purifier Fan Cooler  ( 2S / 2S Pro )

It comes with a sophisticated OLED display and overall design, it does not only make the air cleaner, but it can also prove to be a great decorative addition to your space.


  • 310 square meter CADR/hour
  • Voice assistant enabled
  • Remote app control
  • Laser particle sensor

Xiaomi has always been known for leading in smart technologies, and this air purifier is undoubtedly not an exemption. It is easy and fun to use but also fully functional.

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3. Philips Air Purifier – AC2887/30

This specific model won a design award in 2017, so it’s no surprise why this also tops our list. It can purify up as small as 0.02microns, which is a feat for any air purifier in the market these days.

Features to check out:

  • Three smart settings (allergens, pollutants, bacteria/virus)
  • Smoke Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  • Covers up to 79 square meters of room area
  • Vitashield IPS

Luxurious and clean living for the entire household is guaranteed with this air purifier. Buy this online here.

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4. Novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier NAP606

If you are constantly struggling with various allergens in your room including pet hair and dust, Novita PuriClean promises you full elimination of these particles and more.


  • Puripro Filtration System
  • Semi-Permanent Built-in Ionizer
  • Coverage area up to 38 m²
  • Air Flow rate up to 380 m³/hr

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5. SHARP KC-F30E Air Purifier

SHARP KC-F30E Air Purifier reduces the mould spores that are air borne and also the odour-causing molecules. It also boasts its effectivity against H5N1 virus. The air purifier also uses the same Plasmacluster technology. The model also displays the humidity and temperature for easier monitoring

Key features:

  • Dust Monitor Indicates the Degree of Air Purity
  • Auto Restart
  • Long & wide nozzle structure with 20 angles titled airstream for better air distribution

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6. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

For smaller spaces but fast purification, you can count on this electric air purifier from Xiaomi. It is packed with the same smart technology of its larger counterparts, too!

  • With OLED display, convenient to use
  • Accurate laser sensor
  • The indication light shows the air quality
  • APP control, easy to know the air quality

Xiaomi is committed to providing every home with healthier air quality, and they certainly deliver with this air purifier. Get this at its best price here.

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7. Honeywell Air Purifier HAP18450

Are you extremely allergic to pollutants? Is there a new baby in your home that needs cleaner air? This Air purifier from Honeywell comes with CPZ filter, which means it is able to filter all sorts of the pollutant from dust to paint solvents.

Other features:

  •  Surround Seal design prevents leaks
  • Removes 99.97% of airborne contaminants at 0.3 micron
  • Noise-reduction technology
  • Suitable for large rooms

Whether you live in a condo unit or an HDB property, this purifier can deliver the job just the same. You can buy this at a discounted price here.

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8. Novita Air Purifier With Built-In Ionizer – Nap101I

Sleek and portable, enjoy the guarantee of clean air wherever you go. It can get rid of contaminants and bad odour efficiently, making your living space healthier and more relaxing.


  • Comprehensive cleaning and freshening
  • 4-step purification
  • Built-in ioniser
  • 3 Speed Setting

This is intelligently designed to remove all particles, especially those that are proven to be harmful to our respiratory tract. It comes with lots of freebies from this online store.

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9. Philips Air Purifier 2000 series – AC2882/30

No more worries about changing your air filters, because this package now comes with additional filters. You are assured of healthy air, from the day in and out.

Features we love:

  • Quiet operation
  • Smoke Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  • Healthy air lock and alert for filter replacement
  • Four-step colour indicator shows the quality of air
  • Covers up to 79 square meters of room area

We admire the silent worker of a purifier that is this 2000 series. It works without disrupting your sleep. The best part is it is also suitable for larger spaces.

You can get the 2000 series here.

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10. Honeywell HAP18250 Air Purifier

If you are constantly dealing with volatile substances in your home that you want to be removed, then you can count on this air purifier to do the job. It can clean the air up to 3x per hour, including adhesives and solvents.

Other features:

  • Additional CPZ filter
  • Intelli-check indicator
  • Surround Seal design prevents leaks
  • Noise-reduction technology
  • Suitable for large rooms

The Intelli-check feature is an added convenience so you would know when it’s time to change the filter of your purifiers.

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Why do you need an air purifier?

Prior to air purifiers, we have long been content with trying to keep out visible dirt and dust from our home as a way of cleaning our surroundings, including the air quality. However, there are so many other contaminants that although are not as visible, nonetheless pose high risks to our bodies.

Air purifiers work at both the contaminants we can and cannot see. It literally purifies the air around the room, thus improving indoor air quality. This is particularly beneficial for those who continuously struggle with allergies and respiratory problems. Air purifiers are also proven safe for infants and are often used to prepare a nursery room for the arrival of a new baby.

Top Recommended Air Purifiers

Here are our top recommended air purifiers from the list:

  1. SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier FP-J30E
  2. Xiaomi Air Purifier Fan Cooler  ( 2S / 2S Pro )
  3. Philips Air Purifier – AC2887/30