Aircon servicing: How much maintenance work does an AC need?

 February 14, 2019

By  Cool Man

Air-conditioning equipment requires regular maintenance service to operate at optimum levels for the whole year. It doesn’t even matter what type of air-conditioning system you employ, all of them need regular inspection, cleaning, and other maintenance work depending on its condition.

For areas such as Singapore, it is best to have it checked during the summer because the temperatures are so high. Hiring an aircon technician in Singapore during this period will help you get through the summer heat because you have fully-operational unit cooling your living space.

An AC unit that uses up cooling gas should also be inspected for the remaining volume. Doing so shall ensure that the machine doesn’t run out of coolant that helps cool the air and prevent it from running on empty which can damage the system.

Cleaning or replacing the air filter is a common service. You should know when the last time the filter was checked. It is also easy to spot a dirty filter because it is full of dirt and dust not retaining the translucent look of the filter.

Indoor coils should also be cleaned because it allows for the efficient movement of air in the space that it is cooling. You will notice better airflow immediately and the unwanted particles are also drained and excreted properly. However, this should be done by a professional to avoid damage to this important part.

Some air-conditioners have an outdoor coil such as the split-type air-conditioners. This needs to be cleaned because it not only improves the efficiency of your unit, but it also extends the service life of your machine. Blocked coils are easy to spot due to the visible accumulation of particles.

Condensation pumps should also be inspected because in many cases this is where a system failure begins. It accumulates molds and slime that should be totally cleaned to avoid irreparable damage to the system.

Routine inspections and cleaning have become very important nowadays because you want an AC to depend on especially during summers in Singapore. Have it checked by a professional aircon service company regularly to make sure it always operates at its peak throughout the whole year so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable nights of sleep.

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