Energy Saving Advantages Using Inverter Technology On Air-Conditioning Units

 October 10, 2020

By  Cool Man

When it comes to buying a new air conditioner, one of the factors that many people take into consideration is whether they should go for a non-inverter. Inverter-type air conditioning units have multiple benefits, this is why a lot of brands have now started to release units with various designs and capacities. While the majority of consumers still prefer the standard type airconditioning units because they are what they’re used to, not to mention cheaper as well.

However, if you wanted to go for saving energy bills, going for the inverter units can make a huge difference. This article will talk about how inverter-type AC units can save energy, what makes them different from the standard AC units and why it is considered an investment in the long run. This article will talk about the difference on how compressors work, making it easier for everyone to understand why inverter AC units are cheaper, and more efficient especially when used for prolonged periods of time. Is the added cost for an AC unit worth the savings? It depends on your usage – and find out whether an inverter compressor is right for you.

The primary difference between the standard air conditioner and the inverter type is the compressor used. Inverter units make use of flexible compressors. This means that the compressor is able to decrease or increase its output. Why is this important? When the compressor has this feature, this gives the consumer the ability to also increase or decrease how much energy is used, whenever they wanted to do. Standard AC units, on the other hand, use a compressor that runs on a fixed speed and outage, thus, consumes the same amount of energy every single time it is running. Standard AC units are less flexible when it comes to compressor and energy input and output.

How significant are the changes? On average, inverter airconditioning units save 30 – 40% of energy when it comes to their electric bills. There’s no denying that air-conditioners consume too much energy, thus, takes up a huge chunk of your electricity bill. As discussed above, this is because standard compressors aren’t flexible and consume the same amount of energy whether it’s needed or not.

Inverter air conditioner compressors can switch to flexible speeds, allowing the unit to consume less energy whenever needed. These units typically can detect whether the compressor has to run at full speed, thus consuming more energy, but these units can also run at a slower speed, thus, decreasing energy usage. This alone helps you save electricity, which in turn also lets you save money from your energy bills.

The variable power compressor is the heart of any inverter-type air-conditioning unit, which lets you save up to 40% of energy.

There’s no denying that the flexible power compressor found in an inverter AC is way better than the standard units that make use of fixed output compressors. This is one of the reasons why inverters are more expensive than the regular air conditioners that we used to know. You’ll even get better savings if you use your inverter AC unit longer and more regularly.

Here’s how it works: once you turn on your air-conditioner, the unit will take a bit more time than usual to cool the room. The compressor will start at low output and will continue doing so until the desired temperature is reached. Traditional compressors, on the other hand, will start working at full speed and will maintain its speed even after reaching the desired temperature level.

How accurate is the 40% energy savings? This may sound odd, but to maximize the energy-saving features of an inverter AC unit, you have to keep your air-conditioning running the entire day. If you keep your unit turned on only for a few hours, you will not be able to make the most out of the energy-saving functionality. In short, if you’re not planning on using it the entire day, you will not be able to see significant energy-saving results. If this is the case, the traditional AC with standard compressors might be a better fit for you. On the other hand, if you intend on using your unit for prolonged periods of time, like keeping it on day in and out, you will then see a significant change in your electricity bill.

Because AC with inverter compressors are energy efficient, this also comes hand in hand that it is good and better for the environment. It consumes less electricity, has a higher service life, doesn’t go through a severe tear, meaning, fewer materials will be used for each household who have chosen to go with an inverter compressor. The components of an AC inverter aren’t used continuously and aren’t running at full speed, which means that its components will surely last longer.

Another benefit of choosing AC inverter is that the units are less noisy – the compressor isn’t required to run at full power every single time, which means that there are no disturbing noises every time the unit is turned on. You will notice that old and standard AC units with old compressors have a slight noise, simply because the compressor is running at full throttle as soon as it has been turned on.

To wrap it up, an inverter airconditioning unit offers numerous benefits and is definitely better than the traditional airconditioning units that were initially offered in the market. While inverter units cost more, it just makes sense that you will be able to save more money from electricity bills in the long run, which means that you can treat it as an initial investment and reap the rewards for the next years to come. This serves true if you have the intention of using the unit day for prolonged periods of hours each day.

Another important reminder for those who are planning on getting an inverter air conditioning unit: all of these energy-saving functions will only apply if you make sure that your unit is well-maintained. This includes getting a technician to maintain and clean the unit on a regular basis. Without a proper servicing routine, don’t expect your unit to be at its pristine condition. It won’t last its full-service life unless you know how to properly take care of it. Aside from keeping the air conditioner running for more hours a day, make sure that you also find a reliable and registered technician to maintain your unit, and help you make the most out of your inverter airconditioner with energy-saving features.

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