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Which Air Conditioner Is the Best for You?

 July 21, 2022

By  Cool Man

There are many different types of air conditioners on the market these days. It cannot be easy to decide which is suitable for you and your home. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of each type of air conditioner so that you can make an informed decision. We will also provide tips on choosing the best air conditioner for your needs.

Type of Air Conditioners and their pros and cons

There are four main types of air conditioners: window, portable, split-type, central, and duct system. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail:

Window air conditioners

A window air conditioner is a type of air conditioner that is often seen in homes. They are installed in a window or through a wall and typically use a standard 240-volt outlet. Window air conditioners can cool a room up to 300 square feet. Some window air conditioners come with a heat pump, which can also provide heat in the winter. The main downside to window air conditioners is that they can block natural light and views from the window and can be a fire hazard if not correctly installed.

Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are small units that can be moved from room to room. They have built-in casters for easy mobility and typically use a standard 240-volt outlet. Portable air conditioners are a good option for small homes or apartments where installing a window unit is impossible. The main downside to portable air conditioners is that they typically don’t cool as well as window units, which can be noisy.

Split-system air conditioners

Split-system air conditioners are larger units installed in the home’s attic or outside on the roof. One component of the split system is installed inside the house, while the other is installed outdoors. Split-system air conditioners use a standard 240-volt outlet and can cool a room up to 700 square feet. Split systems offer many advantages over other air conditioners, including better cooling performance, quieter operation, and the ability to provide both cooling and heating. The main downside to split systems is their higher cost.

Duct Air Conditioner

Ducted air conditioners are the most expensive type of air conditioner, but they are also the most effective. Ducted air conditioners are installed in the home’s ductwork and can cool a whole house or office. Ducted systems use a standard 240-volt outlet and can cool a room up to 1500 square feet. The main downside to ducted air conditioners is the cost and the fact that they require professional installation.

Central air conditioning systems

Central air conditioning systems are large units that require a professional AC technician installation. Central AC systems use refrigerant to cool the entire home by circulating cooled air through ductwork throughout the house. Central AC systems are available in both cooling only and cooling/heating models and can accommodate homes up to 5,000 square feet. The main downside to central AC systems is their high cost, which can be prohibitive for some homeowners.

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Needs

1. Size of the room:

When choosing an air conditioner, selecting the proper size unit is essential. An air conditioner that’s too small will struggle to cool a room, while an air conditioner that’s too large will cycle on and off frequently, wasting energy. To determine the correct size unit for your room, measure the square footage and multiply by 20 (this will provide you with the BTUs needed to cool the room).

2. The climate you live in:

Air conditioners come in both cooling-only and cooling/heating models. If you live in a climate that requires both cooling and heating, choosing a model that offers both functions is essential. Selecting a model specifically designed for cooling is necessary if you only need cooling.

3. How often will the room be used 

If the room is only used occasionally, you may be able to get away with a lower-capacity air conditioner. If the room is used frequently, you’ll need a higher-capacity air conditioner to ensure adequate cooling.

4. Whether or not you have pets 

If you have pets, you’ll need an air conditioner with a higher cooling capacity than if you don’t have pets. Pets generate more heat than humans, making it difficult for an air conditioner to keep the room cool.

5. The noise level you’re willing to tolerate 

Air conditioners can be pretty noisy, especially running at full speed. If you’re sensitive to noise, you’ll want to choose an air conditioner with a low noise level. You can use this guide to find models with low noise levels.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an air conditioner, you must consider the room size, the climate you live in, how often the room will be used, and whether or not you have pets. If you’re sensitive to noise, you’ll also want to choose an air conditioner with a low noise level. Use this guide to help you find the best air conditioner for your needs.

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