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Daikin air conditioning systems, designed for use in a variety of domestic and commercial applications, provide valuable energy savings to owners through their highly efficient operation. It is however worth noting that the continued efficient operation of these systems can only be guaranteed through proper installation, maintenance and repair.

Our team of professional technicians have the training and equipment required to properly install, maintain and in emergency situations repair Daikin air conditioning systems. To ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of your Daikin air conditioning system we offer a variety of services including AC system installation, inspection and trouble shooting, refrigerant top up, chemical cleaning and entire system overhauls. 

To make things even better, all our Daikin aircon services are competitively and affordably priced to ensure that owners never have a reason to ignore the maintenance requirements AC systems. 

About Daikin Air Conditioning

The Japanese AC manufacturer, Daikin, has established itself as one of the top brands when it comes to top of the range, energy efficient air conditioning systems. The company’s aircon products are marketed across the world, in over 140 nations, amounting to upwards of $ 15 billion in sales revenue.

Since its inception, close to a century ago, the company has strived to avail the most effective and efficient air conditioning systems by consistently prioritising research and development operations. This has enabled them focus on improving energy efficiency of their products by pursuing innovative approaches to inverter design, refrigerant management and heat pump performance. 

Popular Daikin AC Models

As previously mentioned above, Daikin has established itself as a household name in the field of air conditioning. To ensure that the varying and specific air conditioning needs of different clients and applications are adequately met, the manufacturer produces a variety of systems designed for domestic, industrial and specialized applications. Here’s a comprehensive list of the Daikin air conditioning systems available on the market:

  • Domestic Unitary- ducted split- Aircon systems
  • Domestic split and multi-split Aircon systems
  • The VRV variety of multi-split air conditioning systems
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    Their SkyAir variety specifically designed for use in small stores, offices and eateries
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    Packaged Aircon Systems designed for expansive facilities and manufacturing plants
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    Air Cooled Chillers
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    Water Cooled Chillers
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    Rooftop Aircon Systems
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    Air Sides Aircon Systems

Why Customers Like Us

With over ten years of experience in the industry ours is to ensure that our clients enjoy the most comfortable working and living conditions with regard to indoor temperatures and air quality levels, by providing quality and value centred services.

Our well equipped technicians have the necessary aircon installation and maintenance equipment. They have also undergone comprehensive training on the proper installation, maintenance and repair of Daikin AC systems.

We understand that keeping your aircon system in optimum condition does not have to cost an arm and a leg; as such, our services, which can be requested online from the convenience of your home, are reasonably priced. 

Contact Our Expert

To learn more about our professional Daikin Aircon services or schedule a consultation, contact us by calling +65-8291 3266, or sending us an email at ask@aircon-servicing-singapore.com.

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