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Air Conditioner Servicing VS Aircon Overhaul Cleaning

 November 28, 2017

By  Cool Man

Air conditioners that are not functioning properly will often require a professional air conditioning contractor to come out to do repairs. Sometimes it is only required to provide general servicing, but then there are other times where you will need an aircon overhaul cleaning service. These are very different services that are provided by or conditioning companies, each one doing very different things. It just depends on the condition of the air conditioning unit that you have, how long it has been since its last servicing, and what they believe will resolve the problem. Here is an overview of the differences between air conditioner servicing and aircon overhaul cleaning.

Reasons To Call In Air Conditioning Repair Company?

There are several reasons why people will contact one of these businesses to take advantage of air conditioner servicing or aircon overhaul cleaning. In most cases, it has to do with an air conditioning unit that has suddenly stopped functioning. Some of these businesses will offer emergency services, whereas others will only be able to come out to your location in the next few days. Let’s first look at the differences between the two types of cleaning services that you can take advantage of from local aircon repair companies.

What Is Air Conditioner Servicing?

When you get air conditioner servicing, they are going to look at several different things. They’re going to check the filter that is filtering the air that is coming into the system. They will look at the coolant to see if it is low, or if there is a leak. They will also consider looking at the fan belt which must be tight enough to make it turn properly. Other things they will look at will include the motor, lower, and will make sure that there are no problems with it connecting with the power supply. The problems they detect can be repaired relatively easily. Filters can be traded out, and belts can also be changed out if they are loose or if they are ready to break. However, if more extensive services need to be done, this is going to require aircon overhaul cleaning.

What Is Aircon Overhaul Cleaning?

This is a much more extensive form of cleaning. In the previous type of cleaning, they may have used a vacuum, or even chemicals, in order to complete the project. In this case, they are going to be much more intricate in the examination that they do of your air conditioning unit. They will look to see if the coolant is actually circulating properly, not just check to see if it is low. If the air conditioning unit is not turning on at all, they will do troubleshooting by looking at all of the internal circuitry. You may have blocked vents that are due to not just dust, but also toxic gunk that can build up over time. There could be drainpipes that are clogged, causing water to overflow, especially with the larger units. Evaporator coils can be damaged, prompting them to replace them. Instead of just looking at whether or not the fan is spinning because of the belt, they may actually look at the ball bearings within the fan mechanism to see if they are flattening out. These are all things that will occur during a full aircon overhaul, a much more time-consuming process. However, if it is a very expensive unit, one that would cost an incredible amount of money to replace, getting an aircon overhaul cleaning is probably the best choice for you.

How To Schedule One Of These Cleanings

The best way to schedule a cleaning is to look for a company that currently has several different options available. They may have different levels of cleaning services that they offer including both air conditioner servicing, or extensive aircon overhauling. Once they have completed either of these, your air conditioning unit should work fine. It just depends on how much damage there is, and how long it will take them to order the parts that may be necessary in order to complete the repairs.

You can easily find and air conditioning repair company that will provide you with the services. You can see all of the packages that they make available on their website. You should compare different companies to see how much they charge, and how extensive each of the cleaning services is, before deciding on one company over another. If you can find public feedback in the form of comments or testimonials, this can help you make your decision even more quickly. If you need their help right away, also consider using one of the companies that will offer you emergency services that may help you get your air conditioning unit running the same day if that is what needs to occur.

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