7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Maintaining Your Aircon Unit

 September 25, 2020

By  Cool Man

According to statistics, the average American household spends roughly $104 monthly. The AC is one of the biggest contributes to the high utility bills, yet it is an essential feature in the home. As such, it is hard to eliminate or dismiss its energy consumption. However, there are ways of ensuring that it runs efficiently therein, consuming the least amount of power. The answer to this is by routine maintenance of the AC.

Experts recommend a comprehensive inspection and maintenance service for the Aircon at least once a year, but homeowners should routinely check their air conditioning systems throughout the year. Maintenance is an essential service, but it often riddled with mistakes, which causes the system to develop problems that make it inefficient and energy-hungry.

Below are 7 mistakes you should avoid making when maintaining your AC system to ensure it is efficient, thus keeping your monthly energy bills low.

1. Not Checking Your Filters

The AC is designed to suck in outdoor air, cool it before pumping it inside your home. The process helps keep the indoor air cool and fresh, resulting in a comfortable temperature and environment. However, the outside air is full of debris, dust, allergens, and other things that can potentially find their way indoors.

That is why an aircon has a series of filters that catch and trap these contaminants. The more the unit runs, the higher the volume of pollutants the filters trap. As such, the filters must be inspected frequently to clean them, ensuring they are not worn out and need replacing. Experts recommend that this check should be done after every three months.

Failure to clean the dirty filters or replace worn-out ones not only hurt the AC and cause it to be inefficient but also result in poor indoor air quality that can have hurt your family’s health.

2. Ignoring Strange Noises

Ideally, your AC will produce a particular sound when running. However, after using it for several weeks, you will know the noises it makes, distinguishing what is familiar and strange. The new sounds are not worth ignoring because they indicate something is off with the unit, and repairs might be necessary.

Assuming these early noises and damage signs increase the chances of your air conditioning system, developing more costly problems. Do not ignore the sounds even if you think it is because of a recent maintenance service where repairs or a new component were added. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible to ensure nothing is wrong.

3. Forgetting To Clean Your Air Vents

The aircon system’s air vents, like the filter, collect lots of dust and contaminants when the unit is running. The vents are the tunnels through which the air you AC pumps is forced into your home. That means any debris in them will be sent out into your indoors every time you turn on the AC.

While the air vents will not directly impact your AC unit’s efficiency, cleaning them once a month is still a safety measure worth taking. It helps ensure that you maintain the indoor air quality. It is part of the whole air conditioning system, thus cannot be overlooked.

4. Not Scheduling Routine Tune-Ups

With every cycle that your AC does when cooling your home, its components are subjected to wear and tear. Aging is also another inevitable factor that contributes to the wear and tear rate. Therefore, scheduling routine tune-ups will help ensure the system works efficiently, reducing the need for costly repairs each year.

Your aircon might be running smoothly, but that does not mean it has no underlying issues. Tune-ups at least twice or thrice a year will help it work efficiently. Failure to schedule the tune-ups with a reputable and experienced HVAC service provider is one of the sure ways of increasing the chances of unexpected breakdowns that shorten your AC’s life.

5. Not Replacing Outdated Parts Or An Old Unit

While the routine maintenance service is essential for reducing the need and frequency of repairs, a replacement for one or more of the unit’s components is inevitable. The average AC system will run for about 15 years without significant problems if it receives proper care and maintenance.

But as the unit runs, it ages with every use. Wear and tear will have their toll on some of its parts, and problems start developing, causing the AC to be less and less efficient. As such, leaving old components in place is unwise, especially when they are parts that you have serviced and repaired at some point. If your AC is approaching its 15th year of service, consider replacing it instead of battling to fix it every time it breaks down.

6. Setting the Thermostat Too Low

When indoor temperatures sore during the hot days, setting the thermostat as low as possible might seem the best way to achieve a cool environment in your house. However, the AC system is designed to push out the same amount of air, no matter the set temperature on the thermostat. As such, turning the thermostat to the lowest setting will not significantly impact cooling your home faster.

Struggling with the thermostat to have it at the lowest setting only forces the AC to work harder as it tries to attain the preferred room temperature. Worse still, it will keep running at the ultra-low setting if you forget to reset the thermostat, causing it to run on overdrive and consume more power. That is why your maintenance checks and services should include a possible thermostat upgrade to a programmable automated one that you can set and reset even when you are away from home.

7. Hiring AC Technicians Based On Price Alone

As stated before, every aircon unit will need repairs at some point. While you should shop around to get estimates from different AC technicians, base your choice not only on the price. Quality repairs are a product of experience and professionalism.

Pick the contractor that delivers quality work and affordable rates. It should be an AC specialist that stands behind his or her work. You may pay slightly more, but that is the cost of getting exceptional service that will not have you cringing over the same repair soon after.

Avoid Making These AC Maintenance Mistakes

If you stay on top of the maintenance AC service, you will extend your aircon’s life and keep it from being among the things contributing to a high energy bill each month. Familiarize yourself with these maintenance mistakes so that you avoid them, and schedule a repair appointment as soon as you discover a problem with your AC.

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